Why am I this way. What causes this?

I’m sure I’m not the only one here that can say they’ve been having weird spiritual experiences since they could walk. But what I’d like to know is, how do you turn it off…?

I’ve tried grounding but it never stops. I feel as though I’ve had to grow up in more ways than one over the years. It seems as though the “trials” come along with the mile stones in life. When I moved up from elementary to middle school… I had to learn how to deal with feeling many people at once and visions and visitations from new spirits that quite honestly frightened and hurt me (parasites). For a good while I thought I was insane. I didnt even know “auras” were a thing that other people could see too until my sophomore year of high school when I realized I wasnt insane. Before that I spent most nights crying. I finally had some answers but learning to be in control was a different thing altogether. Throughout high school I continued to have crazy experiences that would leave me completely rattled. I actually shared several of these experiences on a “spiritual group” through Facebook. Sharing helped a lot… but still didnt provide all the answers. Plus the whole white light workers thing just didnt set right with me. Actually once I found BALG I truly felt I had completely found everything I set out for. I got all my answers. Well… a good 95% of them anyway.

By the end of my senior year of high school, I felt I finally had things under control… for the most part. Things were good. I was learning and getting to grow at a comfortable rate. I learned how to control feeling other people and had enough experience with spirits to know how to handle them (thanks to Azazel). And through BALG I learned even more!

But now I am going to college. Another milestone, and along with it a new onslaught and NEW things that are beginning to develop that I just dont know if I’m ready for. I realize that this is the same process as before… I just gotta get used to it and learn how to control these things, but I guess I just want to be normal for once. Its lonely.

This is what I’m talking about… I’ll keep it as short as I can:
Lately… this whole omnipresence thing has been really really getting to me… I’m a little afraid to say what exactly I mean by this up on the forum for everyone to see, but if you’re interested then you can hit me up with a pm.

Also… I got visited by this being… well. It was 3 beings in one. (S)he (it had no gender) showed me a lot of things that quite honestly amazed and terrified me. The being visited for an hour and a half and after (s)he left… all this “proof” for what they showed me just started popping up EVERYWHERE. I found an article on “Flux Particle Theory” that explained the mathematics behind EXACTLY what they showed me… but somehow that made me sad. I feel like it was just too much… idk.

Since then manifesting things has become easier and happens almost instantly… which… also freaks me out. Normally I’d he happy about my achievements in manifesting but now it’s just happening so… so fast it’s like it gets hard to discern when I’m looking out… or looking in. I dont know if that makes sense and I hope it doesnt sound like I’m being dramatic…

I’m not sure if it’s related to their visit or not but I have started teaching myself math in my sleep. In class I didnt understand the lesson, and I was lost when I tried doing the homework. But I fell asleep one night and in my dreams… I was being taught the whole lesson, and more. And when I woke up I knew exactly what to do and how to do everything. I breezed through the homework in less than an hour. Which is pretty amazing for the amount that there was.
That part I’m not complaining about, it was pretty helpful. But everything else… idk.

Why am I this way… I need. A break.


some ppl are born with the sight third eye they get it from their parents or other family generations see if other family members are like you I am struggling to see and hear things that I can’t but I am not as gifted


My mother is sort of like me… .but she shuts it down a lot because its “against God”. …
And I know she said something about my great grandmother (so her grandma) being the village clairvoyant/witch.
So it must just be in my blood huh…
I hate to be a whiner but man… I just dont know how to handle this and regular life at once.


yeah it’s blood related some families have history of being witches my mom has the gift can see spirits and had certain powers could read palms and hear ppls thoughts my great grandfather exoricrsed a demon out of a woman… however I have my dad in me who is a flop and I get his side blocking me from full potential…

think of it as Harry Potter some of us are full blooded witches others like me are half breeds some are “muggle born” but can still have magick in them others are straight up secular non magical every day “muggle” folk…

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Haha Idk why that’s kinda cute.
But your whole comment made me feel a bit better.
I guess I just wish I could turn it off when I want. Put it down for a while…
But I’ve never really known any other way around it so… shrug

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They don’t go away unless you drop into deep denial.

Is it so bad to have the universe bend to you?

Do you banish out of curiosity?

You can always close the third eye if you truly want?
Sorry for the barrage just trying to figure it out


I am a half breed my mom is a gifted witch and my father is a flop average Joe dunce kind of a moron and a drunkard… however my mom has been brain washed by the Christian church into thinking those powers are evil and she no longer uses them pity…

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Dont worry me too!

And yes I do banish pretty often. I dont want to say I’m OCD with it… but its definitely something I find pretty important and essential.

Not when you put it like that… lately I do feel like a God… sorry if that sounds cocky.
I guess its just a lot to handle. Having that much power is just… scary I guess. Especially when you didn’t ask for it.

Damn I must sound like the biggest idiot lol. Everyone is literally here to become a living God. I’m cringing at myself.


she could have made bank being a psychic writing self help books telling people’s fortune etc but noooo she says it’s evil and Jesus is truth God damn dead man nailed to a wooden stick fucks everything up…

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Yea my mom is that way too.

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I tried getting her to push those powers onto me but she won’t her Christian imagery also blocks me from doing certain things…

if you really want these powers to stop become a Christian it always works… Christianity is like a giant magick cock block…

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That’s alright.

So if you want I can teach you an Azazel meditation that can shut you third eye, but it is temporary.

It won’t go away though, is there anyway you can embrace it? Maybe have a goal on the side and utilize this new ability on it.

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Hm… if you’d like to PM me with it.

Sure I’ll send it to you in a bit, gotta go food shop now

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If you shut it down you might not be able to bring it back, at least not so easy as you think. And its not only the 3rd eye but everything that comes with it. Are you sure you want that? I’m asking cause I did the same mistake around your age. Wish I knew better…


Heavy drug use, wouldn’t reccomend it

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That’s what I’m afraid of… I think what scares me most about it is not being able to spend time with Azazel in the same way… it would make it harder to be with him and tbh it wouldnt be worth it. I dont think anything’s worth that…

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some drugs improve magick the shamans use DMT and its known to boost the spirit form in humans also mescaline can do this…which is why native Americans take peyote…