Why am I drawn to wolves?

My whole entire life I have been drawn to, in love with (in a sense), and completely awed by wolves. Is this the working of a spirit wolf? Or an entity such as Fenrir? This has been a life long question of mine. Even Hell Hounds have an appeal to me. After all, all hounds/dogs descended from Wolves…


There’s a few possibilities, and probably the best way to find out which one, if not more than one, possibility it is, it to follow the ideas and your intuition and look into the lore and magik or each and try them on for size.

Most common causes for this type of affinity I’d say (and hopefully other forum folks have more to add) are things like:

  • Significant past life experiences as a wolf
  • Calling to work with a god/dess associated with the wolf
  • Having the wolf as your totem or spirit animal
  • Having a wolf spirit as a guide

Some if not all of these can be investigated within multiple religions, currents or philosophies, from Norse mysticism to Shamanism to being Otherkin.
In the end, you’re the only one who can say.


Thanks! Have you had a similar affinity?

Wolfies are coolth! :slight_smile: heh heh

As the news described later THis guy was for some unknown reason drawn to tigers for some weird fucked up reason. This video will explain the reason for that. Not everything has to be magical. !

In the sense of feeling like I AM a thing because of past life experiences as that thing, yes, and for me it was fae. But then as more past lives as both humans and non-humans surfaced it all seemed less important and faded into the background.
I think this life is for this one, not chasing what’s gone by, and I dropped out of the otherkin community.


I was part of that community for a short time as well. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one.

I believe you hit the most common.

Others can be a little tricky to explain and also sertin sercomestanses would have to apply.