Whose is this Sigil?

Someone says Satan,
Someone says the dark aspect of Lucifer…SatansSigil2


Did you try awakening it and see what happens? I fell it’s a double edge sword. On one hand you can find out for yourself but on the other it might be dangerous. :confused:

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The ankh is the ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life. It’s been symbolized with in the cup. It stands for the holy grail (immortality, seed of life). It’s funny how it’s now seen as the sigil of Satan. I think it’s just a case of putting the right energy into it.

The holy grail is used by Christians, Satanists, Witches and like i said in Egypt. Sun God (Lucifer).


Many grimoires refer Satan as a darker aspect of Lucifer. So there is your connection. Agree or don’t agree.


Can I ask how you stumbled upon this sigil?

I think Joy of Satan when i see the colors


i remember seeing it on JoS website

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It’s supposed to be Satan’s sigil. For some reason it always makes me think of a little dude hanging from the neck inside a giant martini glass. :thinking:


Makes me think of a uterus. Ovaries in the corners. Canal at the bottom. Baby in the middle.

Joy of satan sigil of Satan, bro.


Its a ENKI sigil !!!


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It depends on which tradition you follow. For N.A.-A. 218 Lucifer and Satan are one entity and representations of one and the same essence. In the recent BALG work about Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, Lucifer and Satan are separate entities.

Heres what I get:

Its a Sigil for a completely different being. For Neither Satan or Lucifer but what you would get if you combined those two spirits and produced a completely seperate entity. It has a Very “Son” type energy.

“Son” meaning,
I am neither Satan or Lucifer, but XYZ.

Similar to how Goku and Vegeta fused and Became Vegito. See what I mean?

So this Sigil is The combination of Satan and Lucifer to produce…Sa’tanifer?

Who knows :thinking::smiling_imp:

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When I look into it, i see A Teenage Boy with a Dark Blue and Black Aura and Black eyes.
The Demons of JoS are known to Have Dark Blue energy so someone could have made a thoughtform entity and combined the two and gave it this sigil.

Or maybe its just bullshit :smiling_imp:

Another DragonBall Z Reference?

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Lol hell yes :joy: