Whos Used Money Magick when they Had no money


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This maybe a rhp bullshit morality tale. My rhp teacher (now dead) told it to me.

Some young bloke needed a specific amount of money and quickly. He performed Magick. He lost his arm in an accident at work and received the amount he needed by way of compensation for his significant injury.

One lesson to be drawn from this is that spiritual entities don’t cut themselves while shaving. As such they may simply choose the quickest way of manifesting the required result.



I may have to contact him. $-400 bank account with no job and I don’t qualify for a loan or benefits. Ugh…


I did this recently and put the sigils of the demons Amy and Lucifuge in my pocket the other day I was handed 80 dollars by a relative when they meant to give me just 20…


BTW I had written on the paper quick money for free so there you go…


they handed me 20 and for some reason decided to just keep giving me more 20s…


Ask for money. In forms of (fill in blank). In the meantime if you have PayPal I can send you $5. :smiley: . I would send more but you know, i am also broke.


You should do a ritual to help him better himself, harming him does no one good. If you help him, he has the potential to stop scamming if you change his heart. Then again that’s just an opinion and I would be equally upset in your situation.

“Magick or not, you still have to sell something, do something or work for it.”

Not always. But it helps to be open to that.


That’s a very fearful and negative belief that leads to bad/negative manifestations.

It’s also why you can and should ask for things to come from the most benevolent path with no harm coming to anyone or manifest it using your own power knowing that it will come in the bets possible way.

Listen to Neville Goddard amazing manifestation stories.


Thank you so much.

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Thank you.

Thank you love. I’m not asking for money. I’m asking if someone can get help for me from their spirits, I can’t do any rituals, as I’m living with a friend.
In exchange I can read their photographs and see what spirits are around them.

Why can’t you perform rituals? Don’t you have your own bedroom? Say your roommate does practise a religion, any religion; they’d definitely practise it in spite of your presence in the apartment.

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The post you’re replying to is from 2018 and wasn’t aimed at you, this software can be a bit confusing at first though.

I recommended Mercury Dolius because He deals with insurance. :slight_smile:

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Yes. The site is really confusing.

Thanks for the information. I’ll have to do this next week.

Do you know what I can do about my user name on system?

Old post but I have to agree with @cyberseeker. The Magickal Cashbook:Attract Money Fast With Ancient Secrets And Modern Wealth Magick by Damon Brand worked when I was going through a rough spot.

My Dad had just passed.
After a year of taking care of him, I had a serious case of the fuck-its.

The cashbook was right on time.
Easy to make. Easy to get results.
And the money comes from unexpected sources.

For example: I had just written a certain amount of money in my cashbook.
A friend called me and asked if I wanted to come freelance for a company. Then the owner came on the phone, we spoke for 10 minutes, and I had a “job” for the exact amount of money I wrote in the cashbook!

And, the amount was multiplied by 6( 6 months) and I received a bump in pay after 3 months

After the job ended, the pump was primed and I was back in business.

Job out of nowhere. No resume. No reaching out for work.
Hadn’t even finished the 11 day working.

Time to make another cashbook! :wink:


me either…I am in the same situation like yourself.just started doing magick qnd need help n guidence.

can you please upload the pdf book? or atleast some of those spells that worked? I can not get the book in my country…very much appreciated. Thanks

I’m sorry, but trading pirated pdfs is prohibited on this forum, and so would be posting the copyrighted ritual material from the Magical Cashbook, as the creation and use of the book is one big ritual and would not fall under fair use.