Who is this for you? I need his name

Hi, I am in touch with this guy and I don’t know his name. I will post several pictures of him where I see his energy. Maybe one of you know him.

Most of the pictures are named as Hades and Persephone but I dont get the name Hades at him…

Thank you :pray:t2::heart:

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First thought is Samael.


The last year’s the name Samael came into my life but I did not care.

I hope I can find out soon.


That was a few more than several LOL, it actually feels like Lucifer to me. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of opinions but that’s what comes to my mind.


I get different impressions because there are different photos.

Overall, the blond haired ones point to Lucifer or Samael.

I also get a Dionysus vibe in some of your pics, not all but some.


All I see is azazemil in your photos.

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Beautiful images. From what your portraying I am getting Baal aka Lucifer.


When he is here I feel like one of those pictures. (which I will upload) I am one of those pictures in that moment. It I have a diffrent energy. It’s not all the time the same feeling. But I feel the huge power. As I could control everything and know everything.

So maybe it’s not all the time the same guy?

I don’t “see” a name. He is the guy with no name :sweat_smile:

Sorry for all those pictures, but they explain a lot more than words. And I had the urge to do it. Sind if you know that feeling. :pray:t2:

Here comes a ton :innocent:

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I see when you meant “several” pictures, you meant ALL of the pictures. :joy:

Anyway, I’m getting Belial vibes from them. Some of the images look how he appears to me.

When in doubt, just ask the spirit their name.


I felt the same way when I started doing rituals, I felt a huge power that i could control or do anything, whether it was acceded to or not, just the fact that i performed a ritual and accomplished something, that the possibilities were there and endless…

Your line reminds me of some lyrics by Neil Young.

You should know who the deity with your ritual is, usually you specifically summon a demon from the Goetia or from whatever Grimoire you are using. Or if you are calling on the forces of darkness or the four quarters… And in doubt, ask for a sign if your ritual will be acceded to and ask also what deity will accede, I ask what deity will answer my call, give me a sign as to your idenity.

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Yeah, I have a lot more cause everytime I see his face I have to download :sweat_smile: I am kinda addicted to him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you mean Azazel?

I couldn’t find anything to Azazemil.

Now after having a few names, I can call them step by step and I will see what I get.

Lucifer is confusing me. While I talked to him he was diffrent. But it also could be him.

I tend to lucifer and samael.

The thing is, I do one in a year a real ritual. When I feel the need to. Most of the time I only visualize. My daily skills are astral, changeling and giving advise.

The thing is, I change to another person when he is here. It’s just so magical :star_struck:

Normally I know. I talk to many diffrent spirits and co. This guy is making me crazy.

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I have a lot more lol
I have to decide which one I really take :innocent:

Ok next time I willl definitely ask kindly his name.

Azazemil is one of Lucifer’s subordinates.

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@4hmagm Could you please give me some more info or a link? I find nothing about him here in balg and on the internet.

Lucifer :fire: and i am absolutly in love with those arts! I have inspiration thanks ! :heart_eyes:


Yes, I can’t stop myself downloading. They are talking to me :sweat_smile:

I’m really happy that you liked them :star_struck::pray:t2:

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