Who is "Satan"?

So I’ve recently been getting very close to the entity that is Satan and I’ve noticed some very different things about him. He doesn’t feel like any other demon (and he’s told me he’s not technically a demon at all.) But what I can’t seem to comprehend is what that means.

I’ve seen people say he’s just an idea or force, but he’s made it very clear that that is not true. He tried to explain it to me by saying he was the ultimate trickster spirit, but better, like the physical vessel of chaos. But I still don’t fully get what that means. Why doesn’t he have a specific seal, why does he reside in a void, where tf did he come from??

If anyone has any information, please help me


From my expierience Satan is a title not an entity…such as Belial he holds the title Satan, even though he doesn’t like to be called Satan.


But I’ve been in the room with Satan and Belial at the same time, how would that work?


Either omnipresence or another entity who liked to be called Satan.


Depends. Belial is the main demonic Gatekeeper and Guardian of Daath. He controls all the tunnels and protects the mysteries. Etc etc. Maybe its because a spirit traveled through his tunnels? Or maybe its because most people due to not having perfect astral senses usually nowadays lercdive the devil to be Satan and not any other.


I found this to provide some good food for thought.


Okay no I understand the whole title thing, if he would of just told me he used to go by Samael it would have made things a hell of lot simpler.


He, likes to make me guess


Satan is us to me. I mean in Hebrew it literally means “adversary” so when we do the occult and go onto the ascent, we are the adversary to God/the gods because we are becoming the very thing they are and they do not want us to ascend(Some of them don’t I mean) because they feed off of their followers, it’s in their nature to do so


Sathan lives and is the ruler of the Qliphot, is a wonderful loving Father, very generous and protective. On the other hand Satan is the title accuser


His name isn’t saten not his true name at least ok Christians gave him that name just cause they saw it befitting anyway he is very sticit but careing and loving also possessive and domineering he is a wonderful Demon to be around and to learn from


I work with Samael a lot. Just finished doing shadow work with him. I asked him about himself, Lucifer, Satan. He told me they are not the same entity. While Samael is often called “the chief of the satans” he was very clear about that being false. Samael is not any kind of angel either. He’s ruled out a lot, but hasn’t given me any information as to who or what he is. Patience, he says. But I don’t think infernal patience is the same as ours. I’m not holding my breath. And I say that with the highest respect.


It depends, there are two or three different entities named Satan, that we know of, excluding UPG which is unreliable in things of theory and only holds value if it provides practical use.

The first Satan is the Satan of Judaism which is an angel whose name is Samael. In the Kabbalah, he’s an the ruling Archangel of Geburah (Judgement). The Archangel Samael, the Satan, fulfills the role of a defense attorney, his role is to accuse men before God, he is also the angel that slaughtered the firstborn sons in Egypt.

The Second Satan is the Christian Satan, it more closely follows the Dualistic Zoroastrian teachings about a cosmic war between a Good God (Yahweh/Ahura Mazda) and an Evil God (Satan/Ahriman). This Satan was given a bunch of extra names by the Church throughout history, such as Lucifer, Belial, and Beelzebub.

The third Satan is the one of modern demonolatry, where he is usually aligned with the name Lucifer, and is believed to be connected to every pantheon of Gods and going by different names, such as Enki, Set, among others. But any connection to Yahweh is downplayed or outright rejected.


That exactly what makes researching both Satan and Samael so confusing. Samael says he’s much older than Yahweh and bows to no one. Never has, never will. I have yet to invoke Satan. My pact with Samael is working out well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well and that’s the problem, UPG is only valid insofar as it provides tangible results. Azazel told me that most demons and angels are Jewish myths (I don’t use the term myth as something untrue), but he told Koetting that he’s always been around as a promethean influence. Samael told you that he was a demon who has nothing to do with Yahweh, Samael told me that that he was an angel and the left hand of Yahweh. In each case, only one of us can be correct. Since we have no way of objectively discovering the truth, we must learn to agree to disagree on UPG insofar as it relates to theory that has nothing to do with practical effects or the effectiveness of our magic.


this whole thing about Satan is confusing,when i first had my first interaction with the King Belial i remember exactly that Samael came first i was able to see his complee manifestation,whole body,expression,facial details everything…

and i felt that he was there to make this happen,like it would not happen if him was not there,like he was opening a gate and allowing other spirits pass trough…

then he manifested imponent,shining as the own sun ( this part was amazing because i start to close my eyes due to the amount of light of the sun ) really,like he had the sun in his back…then he appeared,strong body,long hair,wearing some kind of leather vestiment mixed with some light metal and cloth…holding a short sword in his right hand,a silver blade…

he then,placed right foot in a rock that was infront of him and all i saw was burning gas comming from the vulcanic ground…

i felt like when we are using a binocule to see something,he then disapeared from my vision and the sigil started to being writed in the air detail by detail with no errors in the borders like it were being made in a computer(due to the perfection )

after he left the sigil,i started to see a beautiful crown full of jewelry and the crown started to move upside down while i was vizualizing a strong purple color,i started to stare above and for my surprise i saw a being flying like he was flying from above to down ( just like the imagery of lucifer in most of the books/pictures around the world ) in the end i was inside of a chamber ful of words that i was not able to identify the walls were red and black and the trought the symbols there were a red liquid passing trough all symbols ) then this giant black minotaur came into my vision,he was tall like a giant i could see his feet and waist and was hard to reach his face…

for my surprise the King came trough him or atleast thats what my perception told me…

so yes,i really make this question many times…all this thing regarding Satan/Lucifer/Samael/King Belial…

what my perception of the facts made me understand a bit,is that Samael came first to pave the way but who knows i could be wrong but thats what my brain made me understand…

well thats it…

i had this feeling that Samael was in the control of everything,which was intriguing

english is not my first language so,maybe a error here and there…


That’s very true. And you’re not the only one I’ve met who’s worked with him as a dark angel. It seems however when he appears to the practitioner, he shows a lot of the the same personality traits. I found him to be a jerk at first. No that’s wrong, he’s still a jerk, but now he’s a jerk who’s a friend. But it took a while, we seemed to rub each other the wrong way.
Now I’m in a pact with him and it’s working out great.
But without Lilith vouching for him, I don’t think that would have ever happened.
How does his personality come through to you?


This whole post is correct and refreshing.
He is Chaos embodied and has his own realm
Not the Void, but something much more terrifying than the Void

You pretty much got it
It’s gonna fucking shock the World when they find out who and what Satan is



Satan means Adversary and Lucifer means Light Bearer. In my opinion they are mere titles for a prometean entity as Azazel, for exemple, and many others.

My two cents, of course…