Who Is Satan the Gatekeeper?

Hey everyone I seek some information regarding the 9th Gatekeeper Satan. I’ve a important ritual regarding him which I will share later but I seem to find contradicting information regarding the being everywhere. So here are some questions I want answers to.

  1. Is Satan Samael?

  2. Is he a demon or a angel?

  3. What is his seal and source?

  4. Is Satan the gatekeeper same as Satan from Thaumiel and from literature of Asenath Mason and VK jehannum?

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Depends who u ask. Tis demons who are gatekeeper. Even qliptoc. Demonology. Or agan. Search the abbysm parts here and get u own conclusion. Tru i will trust someonw who really has puttime in tis athand is very knwlge

The satanic bible from lavey works is a magic system which is very powerful. Satan is the ruler of Thaumiel and so oposed to the sephirot filth kether. Satan is very powerful but Samael feels different, are not the same.

I would say that Satan and Moloch are the rulers of the underdeveloped filth that is Thaumiel

True in my experience. According to me, Satan is more humorous while Samael is more like drinking absinthe

Check my recent post on Satan, maybe it can help you :thinking: