My path with Satan

Hello everyone,

I started to work with Satan some weeks ago. I’m going to tell you my experience for those of you who wanna work with him but don’t know what to expect.

He’s not an Angel nor a Demon. He’s like a planetary spirit, but much more powerful and older. He was there before the universe was created. He knows the past, present and futur. He doesn’t like human species because of the belief He’s the Devil. Of course his real name is not Satan (idk what his real name is).
Don’t be lazy when working with him, you will not gonna like what could happen when He’s angry.

Concerning the offering, He likes coffee, tea and beer. He doesn’t like chocolate tho.

To summon him I used at first the Dukante sigil from “The Complete Book of Daemonolatry” by S. Connolly. But He prefers the Sigil below.


You don’t need to chant his enn, just vibrate his name and He will answer.

He’s great if you wanna know your past life, He answered me a lot about it and I have so much left to learn. He made my soul travel in some places and I met some spirits there. One of them called me “Son of Satan”.

What He looks like ? I don’t really know, He took the appearence of a little girl with a face of something like Voldemort lol. She was holding a lollipop and holding the hand of a woman who seemed dead. She was laughing, like she was amused to see my surprised and confused face when I saw him like this lol.
I also saw him as a black shadow with horns
Btw I asked Him if Baphomet was one of his form. He answered me “yes and no” and let me confuse with that.

Approach him with no fear, no thought of the Devil. Treat him as a Friend and as a great wise spirit. And trust me, your life will be better.

I will keep updating about my path with him. I hope I could clear some doubt you had about him and I hope you enjoyed reading.


Hey ! Can you tell me how does he behave ?


He acts as a father figure, He protects you when someone mess with you. He listens to you even when you are not talking to him. He listens to your thought and will try to bring you what you thought of. Even if his appearance are scary sometimes, you don’t sense any threats and you feel good. He’s curious sometimes and he has a sense of humor ^^


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Satan :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@anon55584740 There are actually a lot of threads on Satan but I honestly don’t find ANY of them interesting but 2…there just not what I’m looking for. There’s 1 if I’m not mistaken that was invocation to him. I bookmarked that 1 but I won’t be doing that no time soon. But definitely this thread is what I’m looking for! I look forward to your next post! :upside_down_face:



Thank you very much for your review ! :smile:


does he likes sweet things, drawing(anime style) and any kind of food if i made pesonally, like if i made it myself and does he helpls with spiritually, chakras, third eye.etc nd other things? Nd i would like to know more about him! Nd looking forward to ur posts! :))


Satan is the inner darkness. The true path of eternal freedom. He opens gates and initiates through every realm you want.


You can draw him anime esque drawings of him. Hes amazing and is a great being.

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I have read 1 of the threads that he can help with chakras. He can actually help with a lot of stuff.


In truth I think hes personality isnt set in stone. :joy: One minute he will say he likes coffee the next minute he will say something else. Eg that now he likes chocolate even though he said he didnt like it before. Respect his wishes but dont take his personality at face value :). He isnt human afterall and says and appears however he likes. To one person he likes chocolate to another he may not. Thats how he can be. :slight_smile:


Satan initiated me to his current when I invoked him last night. He appeared as a huge serpent that hit me and I was thrown into the abyss.


How was that experience?


He met me on the edge of his part of the abyss. I saw the skeletal whales creatures swimming in the abyss that EA described during his podcast with Astra. Satan described himself and gave me a chant. If anyone would like to try the chant and see what affects it has I would love to give it.


I would like to know the chant please

Whats the chant? If you dont mind. :slight_smile:

Also what drew you to Satan? How long have you been interacting with him?

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It translates to either Son of God Gaze at The Adversary


Of All shall be the adversary.


Ben-El Ha-Sha Satan.

This is the chant.


He can help with spirituality. He amplified my astral senses. For the rest I think @MorpheusDarkson ans @Moonlight154 answered well ^^