Who is my guardian/corresponding archangel?

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So yeah my question is pretty direct: I just wanna know who my corresponding archangel (or guardian angel if you want) would be and possibly also how I could work with them.

I heard that it heavily depends on your zodiac sign, which is the Taurus :taurus: but when googling which angel belongs to that sign I got a different answer on each website.

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dont’ know mine either. angels work in the back scene is all i hear about. They don’t make themselves known directly. Unless your go through some kind of special event in life that make it so they appear in front of you.

Only thing is work on one’s psychic ability and maybe we can contact them? :man_shrugging:

i used this video for meditation 2 days ago: https://youtu.be/q4AXxptqZSY
then when i was in “the zone” where you see colorful lights flashing inside your eyelids i asked for a name, then made sure if i heard correctly with a pendulum :slightly_smiling_face:

edit: or you can ask them to guide you/give you a sign to help you discover their identity

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A guardian angel/archangel don’t really have anything to do with your zodiac sign that’s only one paradigm that believes your zodiac sign means that corresponding angel, demon, god presides over you. A guardian angel/archangel is one that chooses to take on that title in your steed.

A corresponding angel/archangel isnt the same as a guardian angel/archangel.

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The angel you can find based on your zodiac sign
would be the one most “kindred” to you. But the guardian angel, as well as the guardian demon, only serve to take care of you.

Anyway if you are interested this site is accurate https://www.angelsnames.xyz/

Your zodiac sign doesn’t determine your guardian angel.

For instance, I’m a Cancer, but my guardian angel, Samael (who also goes by Camael), is associated with Aries and Scorpio.

The best way to find out guardian angel is to go up to each one and ask. They have no reason to lie about it, so their answers will usually be yes or no.

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i don’t think you find your angels that way by plotting your birth. If that were the case then million of people have the same angel cuz many same birth sign. that’s just for entertainment. There’s no validity to it. just my understanding.

It’s like people saying certain gemstones are for certain signs. it’s too general and no logic to it.

Believing something that isn’t accurate can waste one’s time which is precious. Find the truth . don’t just take anyone or anything on the net as truth. Like prophet says. … Ask the source. your angel. how to do that ? i’m as clueless as you. hahaa.

i know angel is there to protect me and guide me. just never had direct contact. lol As long as no trouble comes… i’m ok with not knowing my angel. Just keep helping me. I like easy life.

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In fact I specified "The angel you can find based on your zodiac sign would be the one most “kindred” to you. I didn’t say guardian angel.

You probably won’t find out who it is (They don’t make it easily known.) I do not think its related to zodiac signs. You could pray to all of them (St. Michael etc.) and see who you feel close to.

same thing. any type of angels can’t be found that way. don’t believe everything you read. It’s not so easy to find any kind of angels or spirits or any entity that protect you. etc If that were the case then everyone would be highly spiritual and get all the needs met with all these spirit/angels help which isn’t happening.

I followed a tutorial to find out he name of mine, to do it, imagine yourself inside white light, then you call your guardian angel with something like,“dear guardian angel come to me” , repeat several times.

Once you feel his presence (in my case I felt warmth in my heart) you ask for his name and wait for a response. This worked very well for me.

Good luck :slight_smile:

My guardian angel (when I had one) was a angel unknown to humanity but was part of the Judeo Pantheon (Michael, Gabriel, Jophiel, etc) but she was not an archangel, she was a lower ranked angel, her name meant Blizzard, snow, things around that nature.
Before we got “rid” of her she would have moments where her way keeping people from reading me was always making them see a blizzard and then she’d break the link (tbh I hated that)


Tonight I am going to try this one.

Please help me how to I communicate with mine ?

I agree with that Wisepup. I have made this

thread some time ago so people can find a unique Name (So not a generic one for all type) that is based on their birth though. Give it a look and tell me what you think.

My guardian angel prior to banishing her was an angel that wasn’t known in books or anything.

@yazata Not to offend you but i see this often. Especially those who try to debate or defend their view. It’s poor comprehension skills basically by selective reading.

that’s the problem with selective reading and quoting only a part of the sentence. You cause misunderstanding. that’s not the message i said.I actually disagree. Read the paragraph as a whole. The ideas are connected as explanation as whole not one part of a sentence which is a whole different message. You forgot the sentence before and after being important part of the message of why I don’t agree with that method of finding angels.

Too many people use quote wrong for selective reading. And forgot the whole message. Nitpicking sentences rather than ideas isn;'t a good way to defend one’s view. Any post is about ideas and that include the whole post not just one or few sentence in that post. To understand the idea you can’t just use few word of a sentence and you can’t use just one sentence without looking at the whole paragraph. They all all together to explain ideas. Those who love to quote pieces are really doing too much selective reading instead of being objective to what’s the post really saying?

As for finding angel using letters. That’s similar to using numerology. Each letter correspond to number and add up numbers. In this case, each letter correspond to planets of that time. I don’t think angels are assign to people base on planet configurations. I think angels decide who they want to work with or maybe we decide before reincarnating. who knows? :man_shrugging:

lol. since you banish her. you sure she was an angel and not a demon? haha.

I mean both can be banished but yes she was an angel