Who is Lilith?

I have been trying to figure out who Lilith is known as in mythology.

So let me just put a list of her aspects below;
Sumerian: Lamaštu and Lilith or Lillake.
Akkadian: Ardat Lili.
Arabian: Karina or Ummu Sibyani.
Chinese: Xiwangmu and Guimu.
Buddhist: Hariri.
Egyptian: Isis and Aset.
Celtic: Brigid.
Greek: Lamia and Gello.
Baltic: Laima.
Turkish: Al Basti.
Norse: Freyja.
Roman: Libitina.
Hindu: Lalitha.
Etruscan: Lenish.

Most people probably wouldn’t agree that Lilith is known as Isis or even Brigid. But let me send you a link to an article that explains how Lilith, Isis and Gello are all the same. Here is the link;

Now Isis is generally known as Brigid and one person wrote an article explaining that Lilith is connected with Brigid. Here is that article;

Now that we have that out of the way i really have some pressing questions about who Lilith is.
I have found that some people equate her with Belet-Ili who is also known as Baalat Gebal. But the only problem i have with this is that Baalat Gebal is associated with Asherah/Ishtar. Added to that Baalat is also associated with Hathor in Egyptian mythology. But as we all know, Ishtar is known as the Goetia spirit Astaroth. So in order for Lilith to be known as Belet-Ili then we would have to say that she is also known as Astaroth, which is kind of ludicrous in my opinion because Astaroth is known as Astare, Inanna, Ishtar, Venus and Aphrodite among other names; (this is who Astaroth is generally associated with in mythology).
So with this information is it even possible for Lilith to be known as Belet-Ili/Baalat? Because Lilith is already known as Lamstu in Sumerian mythology and in every other aspect she is usually not as loving of a goddess in a few instances, and in most instances she is demonized to look evil, even though her roles throughout mythology are just necessary things that have to be done.

Just let me know what you think about this topic. I need some guidance.
Thank you.


I’m not sure, but Belili (otherwise known as Belet-Ili) is supposed to be one of the masks of Belial, and I don’t think Belial and Lilith are the same entity.


Quite a few of the above and many more lol. Lilith is a multifaceted being starting from her early roots down to now she has adopted many faces through out time. Some through natural progression others through syncretism and others through taking on the roles of other deities too adding to her duties therefore gaining more goddess domains. As for Astaroth/Ishtar/Innana they are conected to her too along with Ashera & Ereshkigal.


Bel-Lili (Enlil or Baal) is the male form which Belial & Beelzeebub are connected to. Baalat & Belet-Ili are female tities connected to Lilith.

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So Lilith is known as Astaroth?
Astaroth is one of Lilith’s aspects?
Actually if you wouldn’t mind could you list all of Lilith’s aspects for me… At least the ones you know… It would be helpful for me to know them.

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So Belili and Belet-Ili are distinct from each other? I did a quick Google scan and saw this:


I guess that’s the trouble when you compound names that sound so similar with the inevitable linguistic corruption that occurs over time and across different dialects and cultures.

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When you boil it all down, there are energies that we identify as Gods and the like. We attribute masculine and feminine attributes to them. The sumerians and egyptians and indians did this in a very obvious way, where the names mirror each other.

Then we break down those energies into their light and dark components.

I believe that Lilith, and her many guises, are the dark reflection of the feminine form of the origin point. Ishtar is Lilith. Ashtaroth is Astarte and Lilith. Venus is the personification of the light side of the same force. And so on.

Same deal with masculine entities…Lucifer/Azazel/Semyaza and so forth…


Yeah that does make sense.
Thank you.

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Which form of Lilith was sort of like the Zu Bird who had guardians who defended her people. She relocated because a Prince kept chasing her for marriage. She finally kissed him and he died because her kiss is death. Bah! I can’t remrmber the source location of thaf story.

@Caduceus That sounds like a retelling of her her Lilitu aspect where they would fly around looking for there husbands and confuse mortals who would stray into high places as them and swoop down to kiss them but realise they weren’t and drop them from a great height.

You know, instead of asking us who Lilith is…why don’t you go ask Lilith yourself ? Experience her for yourself and then if you want. You can compare your own experiences with how others have experienced her AFTER you did on your own.

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