Who is exactly, THE HAT MAN

I need a serious answer. Please no two cents on who you THINK he is or what he is. I cant read a lot rn I been fasting. Im getting Yaldaboath or Yahweh… That cant be right. Like I said im in a funny state of mind rn. The reason is research purposes. Im not experiencing the entity or anything. Thanks so much in advance guys. ^^

I assume you mean the shadow person “the hat man” if so it’s more than likely a random shadow being or in some cases, it could also be a thoughtform that has grown to the point of being capable of making people see it by altering their perception around itself. Belief fuels thoughtforms. I honestly never met him, I’ve only ever met the usual shadow people.

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I don’t know, man. The entire reason he is a thing is because he was being experienced by many people who had no connection to each other until they revealed their experiences with shadow people.


papa ledga ?

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Gonna go ahead and give a hard No on that before it leads to way out speculation.


Holy crap. He is a powerful loa. Thats a GOOD possibility… Im gonna research him. Ty.

I mean, you never know right? Accept all possibilites, I always say. :smile:

That doesn’t really stop it from being a thoughtform, a lot of people have no ties to each other have seen the flying spaghetti monster. The thing is it’s not really hard for one to reach other people who are not related to one another. But that’s only a single possibility.

However, outside of the thoughtform idea, it could also be a random shadow being

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i get sense that the hat man could be test/initation, to some shit, not naming anything… but yea…


According to Vk jehannum, the man in the hat is Tratalaton. He is the King of the shadow people, and they are Saturnian spirits who serve Saturnus.



I say that because through my own research I believe Saturn, Chronus, Yahweh to be the same Entity. “Father time” hence the hat man is often seen holding a pocket watch(when he is encountered by people). Im right back to square 1 again haha. Im going to conclude this post and say yes, he must be Yahweh. IDK what else to think.

Which shadow people? because Nyx is the Queen of her shadow people, Kauket is the Queen of hers, The Loa rule their own shadow people, etc. So who is he the king of?


I just think hes Yahweh. This enitity in particular. Not all the shadow people just him.

Thats a low possiblity.

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Not sure, i have never worked with the Shadow People or the Man in the Hat,
and, as I said this was according to VK Jehannum, and his book Falciferian Sorcery.

You mention two queens of the shadow people, and that the LOA have thiers as well. No doubt Queens generally have a KING. Perhaps the shadow people of the Saturnian realm do answer to Tratalon.

Why dont you try channeling the Man in thee Hat and asking him yourself?


Im gonna try that. Ty

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That was meant as a reply to @Velenos but no doubt you should try it yourself and see if the Man in the Hat will give you the gnosis about him and his purpose.

Oh oops. Im just getting the hang of this forum thing. :joy: