Who is Archangel Michael [ANSWERED]

This is what I got from him
He is a War Spirit like Mars
His colour is Red
Pentagram is his star like a weapon
He is Related to the Underworld
He is Related to the Sun
He is friends with Santisima Muerte
He led me to this article for me to share

He helpes me alot in Protection and Gives me Power I love him I feel this Might increased willpower like a war king that can crush anything.
I like this music video it describes him for me
E Nomine - Lords Prayer English - Legion - YouTube afther 1.30minutes

I had a problem before as to people describing angels as fluffy and gaylike and I wanted to stay away from them I was more of a crook and thought of Demons as big criminals like characters which I like which isnt true with like most of them. Now I see angels like you mess with us I can screw and destroy you like king James kind of royal family you fuck with him and you are gone . And I see demons like wise and making fun of you while teaching you a lesson.


I thought his color was gold?

And Lucifer. And a great many other demons.


Angels are warriors first and foremost. They don’t take shit from anyone, not even the Abrahamic god (who they don’t actually follow, by the way; they’re older than those religions). Even the kindest of their number will not hesitate to beat your ass into oblivion if they believe you need it.

Just because someone or something is associated to light, it doesn’t mean they’re all about peace and love; just like how being associated with darkness doesn’t mean that someone or something is evil.




Interesting, so my previous theories on Michael is actually going somewhere. Thanks for that.


Angel’s are definitely not those fluffy always friendly creatures who just spread love. No.
They are pretty badass warriors, yes. In my experience they have little patience with bullshit.


This really helps me. Since rejecting catholicism and falling into Hellenismos, ive found it difficult to consider spirits like Michael, who i considered a strong protector and advocate during my time as a Catholic. When i rejected Catholic teaching, my heart pained for what i perceived as the loss of Michael, Raphael, and Mary mostly, though i loved my saint veneration in general. While the Greek pantheon remains my primary spiritual avenue presently, im happy that i can go to Michael now without “mentally undoing” the work ive done to remove the abrahamic god and teachings from my spiritual mindset. Thank you!


Actually, Michael told me he does

From something I saw with divination, that would kind of make sense. But I’ve never done divination on this directly so I don’t know.

Goetia have legions assigned to them by Lucifer as part of being goetia so it’s safe to assume (or experience for some of us) that the angels under michael and co were assigned to them by the Father of ‘judeo’ angels Yahweh.

It’s not uncommon for some beings like angels, demons, and various Yokai to follow their creator, follow doesn’t usually mean blind faith either. Just as a goetia can freely disagree with Lucifer, Michael can freely disagree with his father/creator Yahweh.

The heavenly hosts that Yahweh commanded were said to be his sons even prior to Christianity/Catholicism, Angels and Gods will always predate their religion because the religion was formed around them but it does not really mean the God isn’t over them or wasn’t their creator, it simply means the religion was formed around them and their relationships with one another.


who else is he friends with?

Angels are warriors first and foremost.

well it depends really, there are many different races/groups of angels. Not all angels are warriors. Some come carrying sword and shield other’s come carrying a staff. Some don’t appear to carry any particular tool. Some have wings. Some don’t. Some are not even humanoid in shape.
Michael once appeared to me with no apparent weapons just a tunic and what appeared to be a crown and sat down a few meters from me. all muscular (another angel standing close to him on his side) and an appearance that i don’t know how to explain… You know like an young but very strong warrior prince. Similar to the old Schwarzenegger’s Conan in a sense. A king (i suppose Prince in this case) but also an warrior.
I had just had a dream where the sky was warping and spinning feeling like reality was about to crash. Woke me up terrified like i had been in years. That was probably 2 or 3 months before the virus started going around. I don’t know if those things are connected but i mention it for reference. It was the most clear he ever appear to me to date.
I try not to call Michael often actually (unless for a ritual he’s known to be part of, like the LBRP) because when he comes he comes to DEAL with it. Like… he comes to DEAL with it. Hard capital D.
I asked him help once to deal with some of my servitors that had being infected/tampered by a couple of spirits and i THOUGHT he would maybe have to kill a dozen of them or so at the worse… I think he killed almost every single one of my servitors (which where in the hundreds at the time). I don’t know if they were all infected or if he REALLY despise succubi type spirits.
I mean… some times you need a bazooka but most of the time a handgun will do.
I’m still thankful tho. He probably saved my life in doing so.

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I hear he gets along with King Paimon.

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