Who is an online entrepreneur, digital nomad or have some kind of lean digital business?

I want to know and travel around the world, and I want to sustain myself in the process, and not just sustain myself but have a growth of my wealth sustained over time.

I currently have a company, but it operates traditionally locally in my city.

I have this desire to know the world many years ago.

Currently Amaymon, Belial and Halathor are helping me in my company, among other entities close to them.

I have done well, but still I feel stuck in my country …

I would like to know if there are members who have some kind of online business and if they have done what I hope to do around the world.

I would like to ask you, how have you done it? and to which entities have you come for help?

Thanks in advance

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Ive been traveling around The Americas most my life, i think the longest i stayed in one place was a year, ive decided to settle down for once, its boring sometimes but i like the downtime it brings, and easier life style, it hard work and everyday you are just doing what you need to survive, but it was worth it. Spirits that have helped me are Belial and ancestral spirits, weather and land spirits where a big help as well so that nothing to bad happens, i also worked with shamanism a lot during those times. Most of the Gatekeepers and Demonic spirits as well

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I work remotely in IT. I’ve sometimes traveled out of the country and worked remotely there, but worked the hours of and reported the time as if I was at my residential address. Technically, if you are working on another countries soil, you are liable for local income tax on that soil, and there are consequences including deportation or jail time if you don’t have the permits to work there legally or don’t pay the right taxes. Depends how low profile you can be.

Yes of course, I understand that, in fact I want to do it right, in the right way, with the legality that each country asks of you in the process if I am more than the time allowed by a tourist, which in most countries is between 1 to 3 months maximum.

Well if you get an EU citizenship, you can live and work in any country in the EU without restriction. I’d start there as getting you the widest area of travel for the least money and effort.

The most friendly EU country for that that I’m aware of is Ireland, taking only 3 years to be eligible for naturalisation, and requiring only 50% presence in the country. Compared to say, Belgium which is, I think 9 years and 90% presence.

I would imagine work permits could be more flexible but not cheap as you’d have to get them for each country.

I own a supplement company that just picked up international customers. We launched in 2016 and got big enough for the FDA to audit us and freeze operations until they’re done wasting everyone’s money and time