Who here gets it? Just curious

I see a lot of people desperately wanting an ex back or to just not be broke for a change, a lot of people trying and failing to summon spirits to get what they want out of life just once…

Or perhaps they just come on here to role play as if they are some master sage or an incarnated god to envelop themselves in a fantasy to forget for a moment that they are depressed and have low self esteem.

There’s a whole lot more going on you know. What will you do if you get your ex back or get rich quick? Rest upon your laurels? That is of course if you happen to get lucky, but what is it you want to change? Is it what is on the outside or what is on the inside? Is it as above so below? I’m not trying to get your goat here I’m just giving you food for thought.

Who are the shining ones?
What is in the language of symbolism?
Is there a code? A message a cipher?

People think this is Satan and that having one on your end table will grant wishes. That’s cute.


As Francis Bacon says, “Some things are secret because they are hard to know”.

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If you like rabbit holes then check this one out.

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Just a little something to think about.


I’ve heard that name in some books discussing esoteric philosophy and stuff Sophia seems to be a name attached to wisdom and important role in creation , all I know


My blessed friend Adam, I came because of a broken heart, but I know it’s a lost cause. I stick around, even though I can’t practice, because some is drawing me in calling me, I regret not being able to answer it now. I will be able to soon. I love you man, I love the members here. Thank you, you have helped me a ton in the past, thank you.


I don’t think anything matters in life besides filling the human void , going for our passion and having love , and self actualization , wisdom and reaching higher consciousness, a healthy ego , everything else is just a way to distract yourself or induce dopamine highs for short pleasure


You’ll get there. And helping you guys is why I still stick around.


Agreed! Not that there’s anything wrong with dopamine highs when used properly. The gods know I’m guilty of over sexing and over texting and over sexting Lol :laughing:


Gotta have some fun too no point in being a monk and fading your ego into nothingness lol


I have an hyphotesis about this: some people make accounts because they actually think that roleplaying is this forum’s purpose. Then after X amount of days they realize that no, we’re serious, and then they go away. Just a thought.

Some X years ago I found funny that “hechizo” and “deletrear” are the same word in English: spell.

When I started, I wanted money. I still do. But it’s not the main focus. What I really want right now is the surprise. To know what else there is. It has been a rough year with an identity crisis that hasn’t finished yet just making everything worse. But I won’t ever say one bad thing about my atheism, it has perks of its own. For example, I’ve never been afraid of what may happen for dabbling in the occult.

And if there is one, just one limitless thing out there to discover… then my path extends forever. There will always be one more thing to know. And that’s cool. The show must go on and the song plays forever. But it always have a different guitar solo and that’s why it is worth listening everytime.


Hi @AdamThoth
I was looking at the last image, the two words and wondered why Sophia would be written with a Shin
(I have no idea if it is traditionally) I looked at it and I think I may know what you are implying.
The ‘key’ opens up the ‘occult’ so you look past the ‘deceit’.
Am I right in my speculations here?

Keeping it as vague as possible lol.


When I started years ago it was about self modification. Even as an early teen I knew I wasn’t what I wanted to be. Over time I fell away from it all, forgot things. When I came to BALG it was about remembering. Anything at all.
Now I remember who I am and have gotten back on my journey of modification.

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Which I find absolutely futile, and completely missing the point. There’s more power in making oneself self-sufficient, facing that pain caused by a break up and coming out on top. The same goes for money… what is it but a tool to exercise some false power? To rub in your friend’s face that you have this material object or that material object… when there is much more power in being able to live without nothing, like the old days, when we were but savages fighting for survival. They didn’t give a fuck about cars, or “bling”.

I laughed at this, so true.


That’s the beauty of it. Its layered meanings. It works through a form of Jung’s synchronistic learning what you discover in the code is what is relevant to you at that point in your life.

I was homeless at one point in my life. I was a single guy then and didn’t have children so it wasn’t a big deal to live that way. In fact it was liberating and there is no equal to the sense of freedom one has. But to live by the light of Diogenes’ lamp is about self sufficient living regardless of your situation.

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This could be due to the way the Greek word is pronounced phonetically. Perhaps @Anassa could shed some light here.


Atbash cipher


Okay, what I meant was the Gematria of the words.
Sophia with a Shin gives 397 which (amongst other things) is ‘deceit’ and ‘trickery’
Baphomet gives 528 which gives (amongst other things) ‘a key’
and Sophia with Samech gives 157 (which amongst etc) is ‘occult’

Aha… interesting

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So it would seem that the creator of the puzzle was leaving clues. Indicating that the spelling of the word using shin was a trick or a misdirection and that perhaps the actual spelling would reveal the "occult " or hidden meaning.

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Yes. Have I ruined it now? I thought about retracting it

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I don’t think you ruined anything I think you are right on track.

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Hehe. I stick around because I think someone else needs to hear my story. We have such convoluted thinking patterns and stories on here- I figure once in a while there’s someone out there looking to find out how it really works, or how it can.

Usually find myself disappointed that the lesson was missed, but who knows. Maybe it’s a lurker that needs it when I feel compelled to share and summon crickets.