Godforms and incarnated gods what is bullshit and what is useful in self evolution

Godforms and incarnated gods what is bullshit and what is useful in self evolution.

In response to my previous post here

here which I received both intelligent and reasonable questions from intelligent reasonable people as well as the ravings and condemnations of lunatics. I will address both.

Theres a difference between people who recognize a godform and people who role play.

Some people misunderstand and then become grandiose larpers missing the whole point of it all.

And some people are just flat out roleplayers.

And it discredits the whole concept of alignment with the aspect of the universe that is a persons godform.

Imagine if you will a tuning fork. Now as one tuning fork is struck it vibrates at a frequency. If you take a second tuning fork and place it next to the one vibrating it will also vibrate at that same frequency.

The universal aspect is not the initial tuning fork that was struck but the frequency its self


The collective consciousness is a harmony of vibrations a symphony of sounds and each universal aspect that has an archetype and attributes within that is like a musical instrument participating in the orchestra.

An entire universal aspect can’t be contained in a single human body. It would be tye equivalent of the entire output of a nuclear power plant in a single 60w lightbulb it would burn really bright for about a fraction of a second before it explodes. But a lightbulb can be powered by that source when the output is regulated properly through the use of transformers and other devices etc. I think you get the point.

Roleplay, always has been a valuable tool for the magician from ancient and primitive shamans dressing up as animals and creatures in head dresses and costumes to the godkings and incarnated god pharohs of egypt, to the incarnated Hindu gods in the bodies of little girls etc. Etc.

Role play has certainly not been without value and merit in magickal work and in fact is a vital and essential practice in many traditions. It helps to align the magician with the spirit, god, demon, power animal etc. To better take on the attributes of said whatever. And to connect to the universal force that (already exists within each person) and to be a go between the gods and humanity. Effectively becoming the representation of the universal force on the earth that already exists within the higher self of each and every one of us individually and collectively.

But as I have said time and time again there is a time and a place for it. Like an actor and a role well played one does not break character during performance upon the stage. But when the curtain comes down and the show is over we go back to paying bills, working the 9 to 5, making dinner and taking care of the kids.

There is a real danger of self delusion when it’s taken to a place of flight of fantasy without constructive use kept in mind and a well rooted grasp on reality. It’s ok to keep your head in the clouds so long as you got your feet firmly planted on the ground.

I’ve gotten into heated arguments with individuals about this very topic and even on this very forum. There are those who insist upon maintaining their view. Insisting that “they” are the only such incarnated version of such and such etc. (Even though countless others also claim to be,) they don’t want to hear that every single human being contains within themselves the semblance of the universal aspect in question as well as all other universal aspects, and totally disregard the function and occult significance of it. They need to feel “special” and “empowered” and not understanding that it’s a false sense of empowerment because at the end of the day they have not learned, grown, or achieved anything from it. They continue to be depressed have anxiety, panic attacks and live in poverty and self induced helplessness.

If I claim that my higher self is Thoth I do so within the reasonable context of the actuality of the universal aspect or current.

People often are taken back when they hear me say I am not the only one because they don’t understand that it’s something that is not special or unique but exists within each of us. (Many lightbulbs can be lit from the same power plant and illuminate the stage!) A fundamental part of the Pylon Le Nechash path (not to be confused with RHP which focuses on selfless service to a deity and obedience to it) is selfless service to each other on the path. The LHP is about becoming strong for yourself. But what does one do when having become a living god in your own right? Sit around with a thumb up your ass? Certainly not! You roll up your sleeves and get to work, helping others achieve strength and godhood. Many people ask, " why do the gods, deamons, and spirits help us"? Well, it’s this right here :point_up_2:. This forum of Become A Living God and what EA Koetting has created here is the very essence and a shining and brilliant example of this concept. Why did Prometheus steal fire from the gods to give to mankind at his own sacrifice? Why did the serpent defy god and give of the fruit to Eve and Adam although himself be cursed? I think you can probably smell what I’m stepping in here.

I align my tuning fork to this vibration and carry the frequency and participate in the orchestra of the collective consciousness. Because Thoth exists within every single human being and every single human being is capable of doing exactly this👆. There is nothing special or unique about it whatsoever. Doing so does not make one above the rest of humanity in any way but in fact brings one into a place of selfless service to the ascension of humanity as a whole and the greater evolution of the self through the helping of others in their evolution. If you want to claim to be an “incarnated god” then get ready to do the thankless work of one, be prepared that your place is one of service and not grandiose superiority. Be prepared to have your only reward for your sacrifices being the compersionary joy of seeing others ascend. Because that is the “role” you will be “playing”!


I never really agreed with the use of “scan my godform” mainly because of this, the term has been kind of misconstrued and attached to something completely different in the sense now when someone says scan my godform or see who/what their godform is they really mean scan their soul/spirit and gather information.

However, due to the usage now it’s poorly blended and it can’t really be separated because it’ll always be used improperly (as I’ve tried to keep the two apart on many occasions and now just give up on that)

I also like to note LHP and RHP tend to blend a bit on the service to self/service to others, worship and self empowerment, at this point.


I fully agree. I of course was one of those many that had theirs scanned but mostly just to see what they got. :joy: I never take this seriously however because we are constantly changing as we grow and especially going into different paths. As we enter a new energy current that brings in new energy that I feel in time will change some of your souls energy. But this is simply my theory :thinking:
But unfortunately there is many labels that once held a specific meaning that in these days are mixed to the point they are using the label not just wrongly but giving a false impression of what it truly means. It’s like having water down wine. :joy: When you finely get a taste of real wine you can’t handle it.

But I do agree with the author how ever. It’s nice to have your kingdom, legions of spirits and so forth but it’s even better to have allies and friends. To help carry on the actual meaning and help the newer generation of practitioners. You can basically guide them and make sure they don’t do what unfortunately has been done already. By doing this you creat a stronger bond and current. So it is still Service to self but in a similar since that the Goetia practices to us.


Lol I always try to separate true self from the godform concept since as mentioned the godform is more of a current of that deity/entity you’re taking on while true self is the self beyond the vessel lol but many didn’t get what I meant when I used it that way


Would you mind elaborating on this? I don’t fully understand.


Well in the sense that the deity’s energy is a current/a path and you’re choosing to take on that current/path, when someone says their Godform is Lucifer they’re aligning themselves to Lucifer’s energy/his current.


Thank you. Would you say that this is a decision made before reincarnating, or one that is made unconsciously (or consciously) once incarnated? And is this restricted to one deity, or can people switch/dual?

I believe it’s a decision made while reincarnating, because the godform can change based on your choice to take on and align yourself to another entity or deity. I assume it’s more than one as I’ve seen some on here jump from one entity to Lucifer, to Thoth, etc.

Thoth being a primordial god of the moon, knowledge, and so forth, you’re taking and aligning yourself to his energy and that which he stands for, then you choose to align yourself to say Hecate, you’re very capable of switching and learning from both.


Thank you. I have one more question, if you don’t mind. How does this compare to having a patron entity?

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I believe it can hold similarities but a patron entity would be active to some degree in your life while taking on the and aligning yourself to a entity’s energy you’re just learning from the energy, the entity doesn’t really have to be active in your path.

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Thank you :slight_smile:


If you’re the emperor… THEN YOU HAVE TO RUN THE EMPIRE!!!

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Creating your own godform > using someone else as a godform.

That’s just my opinion though, no hate to anyone who does otherwise.


I had this happen recently. Hecate is my Patron and recently told me to “Go To Hel” (she didn’t chuckle, but I did and suspect she wanted to). So, I contacted and started working with Hel from the Norse pantheon.


Would you say that Hecate is your godform, or that you have a godform?

No, I don’t knowingly work with the Godform. I forgot which topic I was in an responded with an example that wasn’t relevant, tbh. My apologies.

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No not at all; I only asked because I’m trying to get an understanding of the prevalent paradigm (for lack of a better word). I actually really enjoy your posts, at least the ones that I’ve seen :slight_smile:


Thanks. I appreciate it.


I have mixed feelings as I may disagree with some points, from my point of view, such as

You mention it as a fact, but truth is that not all of us are focused on teaching, some have a different purpose in life, though we always somehow end up with one or two people that you take the role of a teacher for them. Even if you don’t really want to.
Thinking about it, I guess there are people who will take the role of a teacher just for the sake of it, and will try to teach literally everyone that cross their path and ask for help. Personally I will avoid such relationship with people that just ask questions and do no work at all. I don’t demand, but I do expect you to progress, otherwise you’re wasting my time. I suppose it’s what kind of energies you’re forged with.

Though I don’t claim to be a teacher in any way or form, I will guide some.
I’m not entirely sure if it’s a “joy”, or “pride”. When I see those individuals bloom and expand, they make me feel proud, like a mother is proud of her children.
Not a selfish kind of pride. I’m proud of my few “children” that took what I gave and became something special of their own. The will to receive and use that knowledge to carve your own path. That’s what makes me proud.

Some things are within your path to face. No shame at all if you’re depressed or live in poverty, what matters is what lessons did you learned when you heal and how will you use all that to benefit you spiritually at the end. Right?

I lost you here, my Higher Self is definitely not my Godform, though my higher self, my godform and my lower self are interconnected. And best part is, that I had no Idea it is possible and how one is interconnected with the other, until I found out (??) Long story lol… But yes, some times even now I do fear I might be a role player without realizing or even straight up a lunatic.

Is that normal? I have absolutely no Idea and I’m not questioning it more, because my mundane logic will get in the middle and scream a huge “yes you are a lunatic!”. I’ve been there 14 years ago, when my logic said I’m just crazy and it wasn’t pretty. I ended up leaving the occult for 12 years, refusing everything I’ve learned. And I’m not doing that again.

From my personal experience, Godform can “change” but the change is always from a place of expansion and evolving, always connected with the previous one. I won’t expand more, as I’ve seen as well some people jumping literally from one godform to another faster than eminem is rapping and I wouldn’t like to end up in another type of heating argument.

P.S. That came out longer than I expected, my apologies lol…


I don’t have a godform or higherself, but I have a true self, the being I was prior to my reincarnation cycle, between them, and within this vessel, could be called the core self, true self, often times it does get blended with the higher self but I like to keep them separate mainly because the way higher self is conveyed is almost like a separate yet a big chunk of you that seems to somewhat if all have a mind of it’s own.

Which of course isn’t the generalized view of it I’m sure but that aspect of it is why I keep them separate from the concept of the true self/core self.