Who has crossed the Abyss already?

what does it feel?

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Is there even an Abyss to cross?

From this article:

From the perspective of my own experience, the whole “Abyss” concept is nonsense. There is no gap between the divine and human levels of existence; the transcendent being is already constantly present and active in every person. Since this is the case, there is nothing to “cross” or “jump”. The discontinuity, to the extent there is one, is entirely a matter of perspective; the transcendent view is dramatically different from the Self-centered view common to the lower levels. But there is a constant connection and interaction between the divine and the human; they make up a single, undivided system.

Rather than a separation, our normal lack of awareness of the divine aspect of ourselves is a matter of ignorance. Through ignorance, reinforced by a lifetime of conditioning and habit – and reinforced even more by magickal disciplines – the transcendent being in a person is deluded into believing it is something that it is not: an individualized “self” or “soul”, operating in the mundane world through the medium of a personality mask. In its ignorance, it becomes so thoroughly identified with this self (which is a constructed thing) that it becomes unaware that it is anything other than that self. You might think of it as a weird sort of dharana or deep meditation; a concentration on an object of meditation (the self, in this case) so intent that the difference between the perceiver and the perceived disappears.



hey great article, and makes sense. conscience shifts feels like something unnatural as first, out of spot, but when you get used to it it feels as natural as breathing.

and the deep meditation over the self analogy, its so interesting. all makes sense tnx for sharing

Though most would acknowledge an abyss of sorts, a barrier to be crossed (with a few minor ones as well). Anyone who has crossed or is nearing it can tell you it feels like an unbearable weight on your entire being while trying to swim through tar. I can see why it is referred to the dark night of the soul…

You can always soul travel there to get a taste of what it would be like for your permanent spiritual vibrations to raise to that.

Yeah working on that, My rythm in this life is slow pace

Can anyone actually put into words a definition of The Abyss?
When in the history of magic or religion did sorcerers or mystics begin to call it The Abyss and mean what we do today?

Another question: Where does the abyss concept come from? It seems looking at older traditions of magick and mysticism there is no such thing.

I think one of your answers lies in this book written by, Josephine Mc Carthy , “The Exorcist’s Handbook” goes very deep into the Abyss, how to get there what to expect what not to do how to be allowed in, not sure if E A has read this or is familiar with her work. Someone should ask him .
I got a lot of respect for this woman she covers a bunch of ground and very easy to read.



Or you could always go for direct experience. Quit reading so much and start exploring.


The origin of ‘Abyss’ the meaning of ‘Abyss’.

Created it where by first the Greeks. To explore conceptualization of a ‘deep’, sinking, falling. Into dark. For this they adopt for their religious works to explain the state of be, wherein one has dived into the dark divide. As is of the old that much is explained, a common thing to extraordinary meme.

Depressed, or Raged. Distraught and Pain. To each a world, to each it’s own.
Abyss the gate, a place to slant. All terms surreal and nothing more.

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If you have the chance to go to the abyss try to find some chuthulu looking monsters, they may be able to help you do some abyss related things.

Buddha had to leave his wife and children behind,


does that make sense to you?

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I think crossing the abyss could be about leaving your humanity behind completely to focus on the higher planes of your consciousness. On paper, this sounds like an easy thing to do, but in practice, it’s a frightening thing.

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the ignorance in this thread offends me. there are a few rightly encouraging direct experience with this realm of consciousness, but the lacking of information hurts me, especially since i have such knowledge and experience.

so here goes…

it has been said that the astral realm is the blueprint of the real world and what you create there will manifest here. this is true also of the abyss…with one key difference. if the astral is the blueprint, then the abyss is the working prototype.

the abyss is chaos. pure and simple. this realm is what existed before the universe, its the leftovers from god’s original creation.

beyond just being the leftovers, the abyss has properties that if known will drive a person temporarily insane.

chaos isint evil, it isint good, it isint light or dark its just CHAOS. (although all of these forces exist in the abyss)

when most magicians project into this realm they cant see anything. its just darkness all around. (which the majority of fools equate to dark energy and evil) but there are things to see if you are taught how to see them. however once you CAN see i encourage you to only look at one area at a time. seeing the whole of the abyss all at once will DRIVE YOU MAD!(trust me i didnt spend 4 hours foaming at the mouth and going through giggle fits for nothing)

you all seem so interested in “crossing the abyss”… a fools errand if you dont know you’re looking for something within the abyss. and that something is the lost sepherot of Da’ath.

long ago in ancient times men were complete in soul… then something that takes a huge amount of time and energy to explain happened. “the fall of man”. this event stripped us of the energy of this sphere and cast it into the abyss. this wasn’t a punishment or anything, we basically fucked up as a species so BADLY that god had to step in, do surgery on over a billion souls at once, and remove part of our being. this was done to save our species from our own innocent stupidity.

so when you see the words “cross the abyss”, think “find and awaken Da’ath”.

ok full disclosure, i hinted at something earlier and you should all be screaming at your screens telling me to spill the beans.

how to “see” the abyss. first of all you bust be BOUND to the abyss. the Egyptian god SET led me through his path-working. the first ritual (there are 3) was to bind myself fully to the abyss. this can be a dangerous proposition, you will at that point be able to call upon the powers of the abyss and the spirits therein, but being tied to the abyss…the abyss is tied to YOU. you MAY at some point be “pulled” by the forces of the abyss.

also, you WILL have to project into the abyss. and make a body for yourself there. (most people projecting there don’t realize they need a new body, forged in the abyss, to interact with it)

the second ritual of set was very familiar to me, its the freaking gatekeeper ritual :slight_smile: it is however set’s version, so keep that in mind.

3rd ritual of set combines the two before it and you must use the heat of the lake of fire to forge armor for your body in the abyss.

after you preform the 3 rituals as many times as is required you should be ready to awaken Da’ath. (i’m ready but i’ve been distracted by other projects)

more on the abyss: what exactly is it that drives people mad? its a range of things really… if you’ve ever done hallucinogenic drugs then you know how maddening seeing a new color can be… new colors, spirits of all shapes and sizes, laws of physics that DO NOT EXIST, and the pure SCOPE of it all…its not the openly crazy that gets me usually… its the VASTNESS of all that crazy that breaks the brain.

this ones gonna break your brains… there are gateways to the abyss in EVERY other realm. seriously, there are. and should you ever find yourself in the abyss with enough power to open a gateway from the wrong side(inside the abyss) DO IT! find out where you can go and use the abyss as a universal backdoor into anywhere.(i recommend a library)

as a final note i want you to keep in mind one FACT. the abyss should either NOT EXIST or we should not have access to it. the ONLY reason we can access this place is the quest of all men to find and retrieve Da’ath.


Pardon my crudeness but FUCK ME, last night I had a dream with my Uncle (who worked with Set of course) and Ninnghizhidda (that specific spelling) talking about exactly this, I was just remembering parts of it, broke off to take the dog out into the garden for his late piddle, and came back - this this.

Not for the first time, the synchronicities of this forum amaze me, and thank you SO much for sharing this - loioks like I have my next step planned out!

Can you share anything on how you did the Gatekeeper ritual in that fashion, directed by Set?

If you’d rather not I understand completely and will happily ask for my own version or whatever, but anything at all you can share (including by PM) would be really cool. :slight_smile:


[quote=“Lady Eva, post:17, topic:1884”]Can you share anything on how you did the Gatekeeper ritual in that fashion, directed by Set?

If you’d rather not I understand completely and will happily ask for my own version or whatever, but anything at all you can share (including by PM) would be really cool. :)[/quote]

i would be happy to :slight_smile:

set’s gatekeeper ritual is VERY SIMPLE.
you MUST work with set’s gatekeepers. this means replacing Amaymon with Beelzebub.

all you’ve got to do is call the gatekeepers to the 4 corners and command them to one task. use these EXACT WORDS: “open the nether gate”.
the gatekeepers will of course scoff and laugh, or resort to greater deception to keep you from this power. (i once had Azazel angrily storm off saying i wasnt ready) the answer to this is of course to EVOKE SET. you dont actually have to evoke him, but i want you to know you must at least BEGIN to evoke in the full theta-gamma sync. once the gatekeepers know their lord SET is on the way they will quickly stop fucking around and open the gateway for you

beneath you feet will be the GRAND SEAL OF SET(very powerful symbol). it will divide in the middle and slowly open the gateway to the lake of fire

also, if you have already been bound to the abyss it hurts ALOT less than without.

i know it sounds like trolling but i DO NOT feel comfortable sharing SET’s grand seal. it contains his words of power and i encourage YOU to seek it out for yourself.


Thank you, that’s an immense privilege to have something like that shared and I shall definitely set a date for this, since 99% of my work right now is Uncle-related in various ways - also crossing randomly over in ancient Sumerian & Egyptian… fascinating stuff to experience, and I’m more than ready for a new adventure.

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“(trust me i didnt spend 4 hours foaming at the mouth and going through giggle fits for nothing)”

I am REALLY astonished ! Not only because of the phrase above but because of all your post!
Maybe I look like an idiot asking this but may I ask how did you “come back” after 4 hours,have you been alone all this time ?