White magick ritual for healing painful emotions?

Hey there everyone. I am going through some rough shit lately. I am basically at a point where I recognize that a lot of my issues stem from identifying with my emotions and thoughts. I am endeavoring to let go of these emotions (such as unrequited love, grief, pain, etc.) by fully processing them, but I don’t know how to fully process them.

Does anybody know a magical spell/ritual for helping to fully process painful emotions so I can let them go and move on with my life?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

Its not a ritual but an exercise from Bardons initiation into Hermetics, the blank state of mind. That will help you to no identify with your emotions

Step 2: Create a servitor that acts as a psychologist and get some therapy done.

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Buer, Bathin, Haagenti, and potentially Astaroth can be called upon for your situation, try evoke them


Thank you both!

If anybody else has any advice as well, I am open to further suggestions.

Thanks again.

Can you tell me more about Buer, Bathin and Haagenthi? I am only familiar with Astaroth.

So Have you connected with your spirit guides yet? There are many rituals I can give you though be more specific is it past trauma that harbors the emotional response?

Jsyk, I am taking these attributes straight from DoM.
For Buer:
“To give a greater understanding of personal urges, and the degree to which they help or hinder your current path. To ease the mental suffering caused by dark perceptions of the self.”

For Bathin:
“To transform your current mood or way of thinking to one of your choice.”

For Haagenti:
“To enable you to let go of a stubborn habit. To bring about a desired change in your personality. To remove fears and doubts regarding your potential, to give true insight into what you are capable of achieving.”

These powers seem to suit your situation pretty well.


Do you already have a selfcare system in place? Can you do ritual baths and such?

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Past trauma seems to play a major role, although I don’t know what (if anything) happened. Also, I am still healing from a friendship breakup with a woman I had fallen in unrequited loce with, and everything about that situation hurts, not to mention I’ve just kind of been collecting painful experiences my whole life and if I care to change my situation, those too need releasing. I was in prettt bad straights before recently. You have no idea how unstable I was. Had to check myself into a psyche ward at some point.

I do not know how to contact my spirit guides at this point. I am still quite the newbie to magick.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

They do, ESPECIALLY Haagenti! Thanks for the info! What is DoM again?

I would like to take ritual baths, although I currently have no money to afford basic stuff like sage, candles etc. Also, I do not have access to a tub. Just a shower.

Thanks for the suggestion though. Once I improve that aspect of my living situation I intend to do ritual baths. Could you tell me more about them?

Do you have any other advice as well?

Thanks for yiur help :slight_smile:

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You should definitely call on Dantalion to overwrite your memories and replace them with good things.

Pray Hathor she is amazing. @Lady_Eva recomend to me. Iam happy with Hathor :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Until I can rewrite my past entirely, I would rather simply let go of it. Still, that suggestion COULD be useful for helping me do so when the time is right. Thank you for the suggestion!

If that’s what Lady Eva recommends, I shall definitely keep that in mind!

Do you ha e any advice as to how I can summon Hathor?

There’s why do them with a tub or anything expensive. Your feet are the windows to your body, I have to find my wood chart. So just speaking them will help. Let me get a bunch of stuff together for you. And you can see what you can do now.



Thank you very much!

I appreciate your helpfulness.

As the foundation of all magical practice, begin to discipline yourself waking before the sun, yoga, meditate, write. All things come as they should learn to accept all things see life from neutrality. Study the planets and they’re workings, purchase a taro deck that appeals to you there are many begin to study your own cards… birth chart horoscope, Balance within react to nothing external be the calm in the eye of the storm. It takes to,impatience and diligence if you want to wake your gifts.

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Thanks for the advice.

I do have 2 tarot decks: Thr Brotherhood of Light tarot deck (for self study) and the Radiant Rider Waite Smith deck (primarily for divination, buy also for self study) I have just begun using my RWS deck for divination. Did a couple Celtic Cross readings. 1 for myself and 1 for a musician I’m a fan of and they have been missing from the public eye and I wanted to know what they were doing. Both readings I just used my phone ti look up the meanings of the cards, and I used a YT vid to instruct how to do a CC reading. Thankfully, CC is not the difficult spread I thought it’d be. It’s just a matter of knowing the meaning of the cards, amd fortunately I have my phone for helo there. Both readings were informative. I asked Belial to guide the readings. I thank him for his help and you for yours here.

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Read into Zar spirits, or Qarin. For in truth this is what they are and what we will become its a matronage for males patronage for females creating divine child. It takes much work to become they’re child as I have now. Change many things let all passions go. Be neutral in all things

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