White Dragon

Has anyone ever had a white dragon appear to them whilst scrying?
After several months of scrying 15min at night and only getting fog and clear fire, today all of a sudden a crystal clear white dragon appeared n moved towards me n the vanished. I have no experience with dragons except from movies n the like. i have searched online about it and it talks about spirit guides etc and very vague on the detail. I’m wondering if anyone else has had same experience or knows what it could mean. Please share.


I don’t recall horror stories with either white or gold dragons, black and red I’ve heard horror stories about.
Blue dragons … Would like to know more about the blues.

I’ve heard of it before. What is your ethnicity and culture? Also what is your primary pantheon. Don’t post it pm if you have to…

If you’re Chinese this may help. If not Google your culture+white dragon.

Look up Lucifer, I read somewhere on the forum here he comes as a dragon on occassions

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I’ve seen a white dragon in visions before too. Did it have blue eyes?



I figured it out


Keeping an eye on this thread. Want to hear more before I say anything.

In all seriousness, perhaps someone who works with dragons could shed light?

I’ll try researching draconic beings


Don’t forget to also do a search on here, using the function at the top right - it will only return 50 results per search, but you can also use google and enter site:becomealivinggod.com after the term/s you want to find, so it only returns results within this site.


Thanks. Im not chinese. Although the face of the dragon almost looks identical to the image you posted, the little I read online about the chinese white dragon being a omen for death does not fit at all with the feeling I was left with when I saw it. I’m mean when i saw it i was so excited to actually see something in real it overwhelmed any other feeling. However when the excitement subsided I felt blessed/graced/privileged to have it come. actually as i write now i get the sense it came to offer its blessings (sorry i cant think of another word that sounds less christiany or churchy, the word seems to fit somehow) with what im doing. I only started a few months ago and have been working with the Goetic demons and the demons from the book of azazel. I did just complete a couple of pacts for the first time with Zadkal and Tah’ka’yat. Its just the dragon from the little i know so far doesnt fit into these paths.

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Azazel was said to take the form of a dragon…

no, his eyes were white as far as i can remember. it started of as a small bright white dot then the typical white smoke started but was more concentrated around the dot and finally the head of the white dragon appeared from the side and turned around to face me. The dragon seemed to be solid and clear within the fog/smoke but also seemed to be made from it also. The whiteness was bright but not glossy but more matt if that makes sense.

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Thank for the info but it doesnt quite fit. There was no sense of fear or power of destruction in it although obviously it could do that. It seemed to come tame n friendly almost curiously checking me out through a mirror or something. I didnt feel threatened at all. I have read conflicting things online n this is why i thought to ask a more mystical sight for info so hoping to get first hand info rather than historical mythology.

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They do go hand in hand. Especially with unknown entities. Researching mythos and history can be crucial. You said you worked with the BoA hence the suggestion of Azazel. Many, many beings take the form of dragons, unfortunately. It may just be a dragon trying to get your attention.


I heard a man who meditates speak of once seeing dragons while meditating. He said that it came to him that dragons were the ancient ancestors of humanity. And they are more like spirit guides, and not evil. Only Europeans see them as evil, he did not know why this was so.


I do work almost exclusively with Dragons. I’ve jist been waiting to see more info on what the OP saw first.

Now that I have more info I am going to start lookng into it and ask the Dragons I work with.

Be prepared, It may be a forgotten or lost being. (Lost to history, victim of destroyed history or before written record.)


Pardon my ignorance, brother

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no no need for pardon. Apologies if i sounded like i didn’t take your opinion in. I just replied as i would in a physical conversation/discussion. we’re both on a journey towards ascention etc and any constructive view or idea is always helpful. Better to give a thought rather than just remain silent. U never know where that though will take us. All is good.


Oh, no no, I understood your view point. I didnt take offense.

My apology was more directed at @Ozraga as I forgot they practice with dragons.


We’re good, don’t worry about it.:slightly_smiling_face:

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