White Dragon


When you say clear, do you meen like crystal?

I think I am starting to narrow down what kind of Dragon it is. No luck on who it is, you might need to find that out from it yourself. (Which is often the case.)


I mean clear as link in 3D. Very vivid n real.


So an albino dragon, white head to toe. Ice dragon?


Awsome that helps alot.


I just got a lil golden dragon and I placed it in my “alter to Lucifer” Just trying to keep my journey hidden. Coincidences are the norm these days.


Albino Dragon sounds really good to me.
Albino creatures are rare and have strong magical meanings.


Alright I think I almost got it. Just reading over your desription a few mor times before I put anything down.

Unfortunately I could not find a specific Deity. You will have to ask it for that info. But so far signs point to that it is indeed a potential Deity.

Just norrowing down the kind. My intuition is telling me a solar or lunar, I’m leaning more tords the lunar and that would be fitting considering what we just had.

When I tye up the loos ends I will put everything down I found.


I dont think it was a ice dragon. It didn’t feel cold at all. from the clouds that first formed, the clouds condensed n formed into the very lucid clearly defined in every detail shape of a dragon coloured by the same whiteness of the clouds it came from. It turned around towards me, its eyes where white and it breathed out like a white smoke towards me, no threatening more like breathing out, looked at me and as it moved towards me vanished back to wherever it came. The whiteness although not to do with temperature was not cold it had a warmth to it. Its hard to explain. The whole thing felt it was for some minutes but in this time i think it was about 5-10 seconds.


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White Dragons – often seen as gifts from a divine being, white dragons make excellent friends in troubled times. Some possess two or three heads. The appearance of one means a gift from the divine and a shoulder to cry on. Offer them praise or shining objects.
White Dragons ~ White dragons can be split into two symbolic groups: lunar-white and solar-white. Solar-white dragons are imbued with the power the sun, a symbol of holiness and purity. A solar-white dragon is associated with a sun god or a powerful god of creation. A lunar-white dragon symbolizes death and rebirth. It embodies a dangerous and ferocious supernatural power, likely associated with a moon god or a mother goddess. In China, a white dragon is an omen of death, a warning. White dragons are associated with the direction south.

White represents the West, autumn, mourning, and death. This is different from the association of the colour white with purity.

Rememer one thing, death does not alwas mean a physical one. Could be a death of a preconceived notion, a way of thinking, an old habit. All to make way for somthing new, to pemote growth.


Sorry for the late reply
I have worked with a three headed withe dragon (blue and green eyed) and i know somethings, like dragons are mostly elemmental some of them are connected to the basic elements: fire, earth, air, water. But some of them are connected to let’s say secondary elements as mud (earth and water). Your dragon is connected to a seccondary element specifically: mist/fog (air and water). You probably wouldnt see him if you were not ready to work with him. He could be giving you some of his wisdom or protection mommentary. But a rare beast like this one is not often pressent to work temporarily it is more likeable that his presence is there because he can be your allie of power.
White dragons are rare they have very high energies and they are benebolent.
Most of the time other beasts dont dare to attack them cause they are no match for them.
Now think of the elements water and air
This elements indicate you about his elevated magic, water is emotional and spiritual, as air is rational and logical. In a way vapour dragons combine all things spiritual with the intellect so their magic is quite elevated. (Do not mistake vapour/mist/fog dragons with smoke dragons, smoke dragons are grey and they connect with fire and air).
Anyway I recommend you to get an image or a figurine as simmilar as you can to your dragon. So it works as a totem and they are always benefficial when you work with animal spirits.
Try to connect with him. This kind of dragons are quite wise and protective. As opposite to many dragons which are obssesed of their treasures as many leyend would say. This kind of dragon knows how to invest their resourses. So he didnt show up by mistake.
Is a really powerful allie and if you can work with him is because you can accomplish a lot of great stuff.


Sounds like Quetzalcoatl


I am probably stating the obvious, but how much do you personally resonate with dragons yourself? I wonder if this dragon too is trying to show you the aspects of a dragon that you yourself possess. That is to say, trying to enhance all of these aspects so this facet of your soul can be realized and unleashed further. This sort of thing has happened to me, when I realized it was just those qualities I had to embrace myself. I feel that way of dragons as well.


Not depicted as white. Usually seen as green with yellow, oranges and reds. Also he/it is referred to as a feathered serpent (A snake with fethers) not a dragon. Most commonly depicted as a combination of a rattlesnake and a bird known as a quetzal.


That could be a possibility. I wouldn’t rule it out.


This could be an indicator gaming card aside that you have an inclination towards white magic, hence the coloring of the powerful beast in white as opposed to black.