Which spirits are good for dealing with compulsions?

Which spirit would be good to call upon for helping me remove compulsions from myself? Such as a compulsion to dwell on my enemies and the problems they caused me.

I work with the Goetia, Shem angels, KoF, and Azazel, so spirits from these would be preferred.

Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance, from Kingdoms of Flame, should be able to help. He can free the mind from phobias, fears, and addictions, so compulsions should be within his purview as well.


Thank you. Even though the compulsions were inflicted upon me by one of my enemies via a jinn who hypnotised me?

Opfaal is also a breaker of curses, so yes :slight_smile:

So you’d class it as a curse? Because Focalor has taken off the curses put on me, and these compulsions still remain.

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Curse or spiritual bondage, if it was inflicted by a spirit, Opfaal should be able to remove it.

Thanks. I guess I’ll have to ask him specifically to target the compulsions because I’ve worked with Opfaal twice already. I’ll give that a whirl soon. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, talk it over with Opfaal. He can advise you on the best course of action.

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