Texts and entities that help control emotions

I am in a tricky situation and really need to have a better hold on my emotions in order benefit. I’m a very anxious person and my mind and emotions often cause me to take two steps backward.
Does anyone know of any magic texts and entities that help with regulating and gaining control of your emotions? Helping to be more logical and confident?

:thinking: King Paimon can help you manipulate your mind! Atleast for me I asked him with this issue! :rofl: my emotions got directed somewhere else but works for me.

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Or this might help you too


Thank you!

If you’re into chaos magik, invoke Mr. Spock from Star Trek.
I did it intuitively when I was still in school and it worked well, but I overdid it and people started asking me why I never smiled. His background is he’s half human in Vulcan society, and learned to sublimate (not suppress) his emotions to fit in and succeed.