Which spirit works the fastest to break someone up?

I would like to know which spirit can destroy a relationship/ friendship permanently ?

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Asked a gazillion times - while you’re waiting, try the search at top right (the icon is hard to see on mobile but there is one) and also browse the titles in the Relationships category.


Seriously bruh?


I know you can tell i am a newbie

Use the magnifying glass like Maulbeere said.

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Sorry guys thanks for telling me how to use it


I personally don’t think any is faster than another in that sense, there may be faster energies than others in another sense

Others may disagree with me but just from what I’ve observed on reading posts in the forum and personal experience…

Someone who’s worked with a spirit a lot may have developed a relationship with that spirit that may make a certain spirit favour them and decide to connect or work faster than someone else with the same spell

My personal experience says it’s YOU who is the magick… how strong your intention is, how well you can direct your intention, and your subconscious mind and ability to hack it for your purposes

There’s spells on here I’ve had zero success with that work brilliant for others

And ones I’ve had amazing success with

My observation is that it’s me that’s the differing factor, my own subconscious mind… I personally currently don’t work with demons unlike lots who will tell you they have brilliant success with them. I don’t doubt them… it’s just not what I connect with easiest

Just pick what you connect with, and ofc you can ask for recommendations but write down what happens in a journal and notice if you get better results with something than something else

Someone who’s worked a lot with something is going to find it easier than someone who is fresh to something, just takes practice

But some spirits seem to like relationships with the practitioner… and I guess like we’d pick up the phone faster to a friend than a stranger… favour some

For your purposes a grimoire like the GOM books or NAP are ones I think of as fairly beginner friendly but you’ve also got people here that could tell you how to do spell jars or chaos magick with sigils or even how to make a poppet and use that… bit like a sweet shop, you can find what you want and something will be easier for you personally and taste better and you’ll feel more drawn to it than something else


I found that to be true in my case. At one point I was dealing with a very tough and stressful situation and became impatient, frantic & started lusting for results; as a result, I threw everything except the kitchen sink at this situation…it happens sometimes. So I sought advice and was asked if I had a relationship with any of the spirits. I do, and was instructed to call on said spirit and ONLY that spirit and see what happens…I did just that and noticed more doorways opening, more movement and ultimately an improvement in my situation. I felt silly afterwards because I should have known better, but again, it happens sometimes.


Bucon… check out the video on YouTube
Goddess ofearth

Try grimorium verum. Is an excellent grimoire and there are more spirits for interesting outcomes. Bucon might interest you




Yeah, its uh, very potent, and potentially very dangerous, that is how Astarother and all her attendant spirits possessed me and fucked me over. “I will give you whatever you want, just let me possess you unconditionally” haha, she gives 0 fucks. And I fell into a trap that she had coaxed me to basically lay down for myself. I wrote up a bunch of bullshit, and then she really laid it on, like yeah right, don’t believe a word she says, and I mean, its not all lies, oh no, that would be easy its “half-truths” so its half truth, and half bullshit, but can you guess witch half?

The thing is, the old question of “which is strongest/fastest/best” doesn’t have a one size fits all answer.

As every situation and its energy (motivations and emotions) are different, so will different entities do better in different circumstances.
Search for “strongest spirit” to see for yourself, that one get this same answer over and over again.

You need to break down what you want and how, then do the research - read through grimoires like Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking with modern descriptions of entities abilities, that more to the point, many here including myself have found work - then make your choice of one or more that fit the energy and work from there.

Tip: It’s worth reading the new threads every day. Many you can skim over, but you never know when something very relevant will come up, and it can become another source for synchronicity to bring you the info you need.