Which one is better, to be loved or to love

Which one is better in your opinion, to be truly loved by someone/others or to love someone unconditionally, giving oneself completely to your beloved or child. like a mother loves her child and can do anything for him/her.

Which one is More fulfilling and also how are two different, in terms of taste ( sorry for the lack of better word ).

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to be loved
cause to love you make yourself weak
plus i have a massive ego


Lol, most likely you will change your opinion when you will get a big tummy and become mommy.


Love goes both ways. in my opinion. One way love means there is something wrong in the equation and balance needs to be restored. If you shine light around you, but you’re the only one who can see it, then it’s probably an illusion.

Which is more fulfilling? Depends on the emptiness in one’s life and heart. Some people love everyone and everything but fail to show it… so they don’t feel loved. Others show people love and care just to keep them around, to feed their ego, or control them to gain power.


Sad, isn’t it. Advertising matters after all.


Not advertising… giving. A sun that doesn’t shine light, is a black hole.

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:nauseated_face: i still dont want baby


When you love someone without expecting anything in return or getting your hopes up, that can really keep you going when you don’t have anything else to keep going for.

In the end though, humans need to be loved and it’s a sad life to try and find that missing component elsewhere.


remember, not everyone wants children


Both. One should not give themselves for nothing in return. However it’s bullshit to expect the same of someone else.


Both at the same time.


Then unconditional love is bullshit, an oxymoron by itself. Isn’t it.

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Don’t know about that, it’s said if a woman hasn’t tasted that maternal love/feeling, then her woman hood is more or less wasted.

WOW. that’s deeply offensive. we aren’t just baby making machines.


To be loved truly and mercilessly. And some of us have zero desire to contribute to the population. Babies make my ovaries die.


Forgive this unloved retard but what does being loved ‘mercilessly’ mean.

And if everybody wants to be loved, who will take care of the supply side of the spectrum.

But babies are at least cute though, right :sweat_smile: atleast.

Believe me the saying ’ no pain no gain’ stands true here also. What what U get for those 10 months of pain is something heavenly, magical.

Being loved mercilessly to me, means being loved beyond all your flaws and shortcomings. It will literally never die and is persistent. Almost obsessive but not with unhealthy connotations.

I’ve never been loved this particular way so I’d say it’s better to receive it than be the giver always.

Babies generally look creepy and are too needy for me. I’m far too selfish at this point. They’re great- when they belong to other people.


Have YOU ever tried to love somebody like that, mercilessly. The good feeling/juice comes from giving also.

Don’t known your age (seems like you are quite Young) but most likely you will change your mind regarding babies in/after your mid 30’s. Believe me, the urge will be too strong, stronger than putting make up.

Many women with attitude like your’s change their mind at then end.

Oh but I have. And come up empty each time . That’s why I say it’s better TO BE loved.

I’m actually 34. Baby fever was present in my early twenties for a small small frame of time. That desire hasn’t long since passed . They’re great don’t get me wrong . But not for me.


I have seen mothers sheddimg tears just looking at their child. Don’t think stuff like that happens between boyfriend and girlfriends. And that will be a bit creepy too :sweat_smile:. I just think if there is any unconstitutional love, then that is mother’s love for its child. Even God wants to be loved than being the bigger man, which he is, and love us first instead.