Which lwa to serve for trauma healing?

Which lwa spirits excel at healing traumas?

What has been your experience with them?

There is a current in 21 commissions known as the divine physician commission.

it requires archangel Raphael intercession but it works to enable soul retrieval methods using the current of 21. commisions, sanse and a merger qabala and planetary high magick principles.

also, creole spiritism in the healing essence of being proactive to protection is based in cleansing, healing, protection. I am not yet at liberty to teach much about this but have found these methods somewhat useful.

spiritual soul retrival can also be multigenerational and ancestor veneration is a useful method to provide a layer of healing for intergenerational soul fragmentation passed by family trauma, genetics etc.

I am not initiated into a crowned lwa current to bypass specific information; but hope to be soon to pass on more direct info :slight_smile:

I will try to answer as best if you still want guidance from my own journey in healing trauma wounds from practicing sanse, 21 commissions and spiritism alongside ceremonial magick, shamanism and a grounded and multidisciplinary healing approach. it does help A LOT.


Ideally, I think I’d ask Papa Legba to introduce me to the right spirit for whatever I have going on.
I would maybe use bibliomancy or a pendulum to get the answer if it doesn’t come in the form of signs or clairaudience/clairsentience.

It’s interesting but you don’t get much coming up for voodoo and healing that involve the Lwa, although some sites do say the Lwa are often called on for this it doesn’t say which ones.
If I had to guess I’d say Maman Brigitte. Madame Brigitte – OCCULT WORLD though I have never worked with her or any Lwa for healing myself.

I’m seeing Osanj as a possible contact, but the resources online are all in Haitian which I don’t speak. I’d ask Papa Legba to liaise for us anyway before contacting.

My rootwork book is still packed up or I’d take a look. If I can find it I’ll come back and post if it has anything.


I have to second @Mulberry’s thoughts here, since you asked for lwa. I have not sought them out, but they have come to me. Just last year, during a MFWBG Mammam Brigitte came to me because she wanted to help heal someone of trauma, as well as other things. Naturally, I did so.

I would send out feelers, if you haven’t already had them. If they want the job, it should feel right and you should find it pulling you that way.

As for my experiences, they can be a bit…“irreverent”… Go with the flow. The crudeness can be a test and, once that is understood, a relationship can develop, if need be. Don’t let the crudeness fool you. They’re serious about their agreements.

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