Which entity will work best for this

So I am reaching out to you all to ask again, which entity you feel is best for this job. I would prefer a non demonic on this one.

My mother has been working for her company for 27 years, and she is literally the ideal employee. She works very hard, and is a believer that if you work hard you will be rewarded for it. She busts her fricken ass and for 27 years, she has never been promoted. Her current boss doesnt like her for whatever reason. She is 59 years of age, and time is getting slim. It really is not fair. They hire new people, have her train them, and then promote them to the positions she has been trying to get for years. Its absolute bullshit and pisses me off. She deserves this job more then anyone. She is spending more time training people then doing her own work which then makes her stay late. Obv when someone fucks with your mother, you get quite pissed.

I am not looking for punish or harm any of her coworkers, but I want somehow, someway, for her to get a promotion. I feel like there are many factors here that require multiple spells to work in a strategic fashion, or perhaps one entity that is good for just this. Don’t say Belial, I already thought of this, but again, I don’t want to send any demonics that can control thought in my mothers direction. If you have any ideas, please share them.


Planetary wise you can explore some of these options.
Jupiter(increase and exapansion) and saturn(status and responsibilities)

Jupiter and mercury(commerce and business)
Sun(illuminate) and venus(value)
Mercury(business) and venus( relationships)

Thats all i got off the top of my head can post more later when i get home and have my notes if ya need some more ideas.


Yea I was gonna say mercury and Jupiter as well.


Adding Dantalion in your process won’t be a bad idea too, it will be for her advantage.


May I say something and this is probably not something you will want to read - in the time your mother has been with the company has she attempted to improve her skills or upgrade her knowledge which would improve her chances of promotion?

It’s not always a case of a manager disliking someone, it may well be that she hasn’t actually made any effort to upgrade her own skill set to match the new requirements eg a degree for a higher role. I know that this was the case with my ex manager who made no effort and whose reports were better qualified than her and being picked off to go to other departments leaving her at the same level for many years. She was actually demoted.

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but sometimes the reason is not necessarily what you think it is.

Yes, I can understand this. But are they really “fucking” with your mother as you say or would they be doing this to anyone in a similar position?

You really need to find out if it is truly personal or company policy before you start anything.


Thats a fine statement to make, but I already answered that. They’re having her TRAIN others to then promote them. So yes. She has the ability.


What I was trying to say is that in some organisations they have specific rules about promotion; I apologise if you felt I was being rude but this is what I have encountered where the person was also training others BUT wasn’t actually doing any self development eg a Masters, PhD or other post graduate course.

She may have the ability but if she is in competition with others who have those bits of paper.

That is what I am saying you need to find out.

Regarding entity - I would go for Orobas and read up Gordon Winterfield’s information on him as I think he would suit this issue. He will concentrate on her positive capabilities, qualities and attributes without denigrating or threatening those of her colleagues in the process especially if they don’t actually deserve it.


I do believe it is possible because she has a lesser degree because she is older, could be a reason. However, everything are politics. She 100% knows how to do it the job, and they are using her to train others for the job she wants, after 27 years. thats more then 2 decades man, almost 3… they should cut the shit. I was a business owner, you can handle things however you feel necessary. I think she is good at her position, and they do not want to move her. But its not fair after almost 30 years of busting her ass to deny her the CHANCE OR OPPORTUNITY.

But besides that I get your point, I’m looking to magick to change this because I want it for her. despite whether shes right or wrong.

I mean, even with your point taken seriously, what am I supposed to do? Think to myself, well she doesnt deserve it? LOL fuck that… I take things all the time for myself I probably dont deserve because I lie steal and cheat to win man…
I dont care. So I want to do for her what I would do for myself…


Read my edit - also what does SHE think? We know what you think, but what does SHE think or feel about this?


Oh shes fkin furious but my mom doesnt have a back bone and wont fight. she just takes it. She said shes being taken advantage of, and can do the job better then all the girls shes training, but they wont give her a single opportunity. She said they likely dont want her to move. But seriously what does this have to do with magick?

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I see your edit…thanks for the recommendations

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You could help her find one if ya think it’ll help, jupiter and mars is a good combo for increasing ones confidence. Jupiter and venus for defending ones values.
Mercury and venus could help her express her value if this is an issue.

As for entities you may wanna look into Ishtar, Athena.


I recommend working with her on this

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Just called on Chamuel… will see how this turns out.

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You worked with Lakshmi before, isn’t this her thing.

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Also maybe positive aspects of Mars to aid in asserting herself combined with the others you mentioned.


Yes but not in this situation that i know of. I was working w her but not really knowing what i was doing


Prince Orobas, Duke Dantalion, King Paimon, and I think King Belial

Jupiter, St Expedite if you want to go down that route and want fast results, Aphrodite can do wonders for your mother if she wants to.

Ba Chua Xu is an extremely good goddess for money purposes and businesses.

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Benten is among the ten gods of fortune in japan and she’s the only female.

She’s good to work with to increase ones fortune and prosperity

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