Which entity will help me to become more masculine?

I want to change my weak personality into dominant a more dominant male?
Sigma male personality is more preferred.
I have too much Yin energy in me which makes me feminine and follower.
I have analysed my natal chart it seems venus is making more feminine than masculine.





Sun gods are probably a good way to go

Just don’t get lost in the weeds of all the bullshit.

You may find that once you embrace a stronger and more whole masculinity, that these goofy labels become just that.


Belial and the gym.

You have to work at it too and make changes in your life, he can’t do much without the materials to work with.

As a starter you need Testosterone. So do two things: raise T and eliminate things that reduce your T. Eat zero soy at all, not even in protein shakes and read food labels: it’s hidden in stupid things like ice cream. And get to the gym and work out like a demon. More muscle and strenuous exercise creates more T and more aggression. It’s also rejuvenating as long as you rest properly between workouts. Lift HEAVY.

If after a year of doing that and putting on at least 10lb of muscle you still find it hard and it’s difficult to get gains, get your blood checked for T levels, you may need hormone replacement therapy if your body doesn’t naturally produce enough, but that is a last resort.


Woah woah woah… Hold up. Bro, listen to me…

Fuck the gym…

You don’t need a gym, you don’t need special equipment, you don’t need all that bullshit! Alright.

All you need, is a little space on your floor for pushups & burpess and a pull up bar that you can mount on your door.

Fuck this Alpha male bullshit…

Fuck that 1 Rep max bullshit

Every time I come across a big motherfucker who lifts weights & they try and challenge me. Well… We tend to find out who real man is real quick.

We live in a society where they want men to be low on testerone because they want to control us.

Do not fall victim to the false bullshit out there. Do not become weak with this vision have big muscles. You don’t need that shit. Your bones and body will fall apart sooner or later, you’ll have a hard time screwing a light bulb sooner or later.

You build real strength in solitude.


And here’s something to get you started.

That’s cool and all, but who doesn’t want an awesome bod.

If that means being jacked and swole, I say go for it.

An awesome bod requires work, perseverance and dedication, and is itself a status symbol.

I certainly wouldn’t mind looking like Dio Brando. :muscle:


I just dropped down and did 20 for you. I bet you can’t do it! :kissing_heart:

I’m going to bed man… Don’t be a pussy.

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Just so you know…the whole “alpha male” thing…isn’t real. It’s entirely fictional; it’s an invented hierarchy that is purposely designed to make men feel bad about themselves.

I am actually quite surprised by how many people in the Left Hand Path, who like to go on and on about conspiracies and how we’re all being controlled by aliens, and yadda yadda yadda, buy into absolute crap like this, which is nothing but another method of control.

Anyone who has to refer to themselves as an “alpha male”… isn’t. If you want to be successful, then put your focus on being successful, and ignore any talk of alpha or sigma bullshit because that’s all it is . There are thousands of massively successful people in the world who don’t fit the fictional mould of an alpha male, so don’t let it cause you to ignore the talents and skills that you have that others don’t.


these symptoms really looks like low T.Get your blood work done(check your hormone health) and then work with any entity you feel close.


The more equipments you work with, the better your situation is.

Besides, I really don’t think bullshitting other people’s opinion is okay.



Well the as someone said above the gym is not necessary, however…

I’m a firm believer that energy is contagious and sometimes surrounding yourself by what you want to achieve helps you reach that vibrational frequency.

Sure is being a alpha male overrated? Who can say.

But for ANY goal ANYONE can tell you xyz is overrated or not worth it, or programming, or insert reason not to do it here.

The truth is that thinking leads to questioning everything (which is good) but once you do then the reverse can lead to dark depression as well…

IE: what’s the point in anything? You’ll get satisfied with where you are period and loose your hunger.

Then one starts mapping their life on not the accomplishment of good feelings and obtaining what makes them feel good…
But the avoidance of working towards a goal of any standard and the avoidance of anything that makes you feel bad/work.

The truth is YOU decide what’s valuable in your life and YOU get motivated by certain things then OWN IT and make no apologies for it.

If going to the gym and working with spirits to make you a alpha or a sigma male puts a sense of worth and belonging in your heart then pursue it and don’t let anyone talk you out of it because personal gnosis is the one thing that keeps you sane in life…

Add: sorry I meant to recommend the Asmodeus Belial duo will work wonders for this :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::metal:


Call upon Hannibal Lecter.
You cannot get more Sigma mape than him.
I imagine he is also willing to teach you, if he likes you. Or if you are polite.

You can probably get his attention by playing Aria da Capo by Bach, and having a wine with a rarely cooked steak.

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We’re going a bit off topic here into identity politics. Can we keep it about the magick please? Help the OP or don’t.

The point is he want’s to gain in aggression and traditionally attractive masculine qualities, it’s not really important what label he uses for it. You understand the spirit of his question or you don’t.


Cultivate more yang, then, by engaging in solar oriented activities.

The ancient samurai used to practice so called “feminine” arts like calligraphy, painting, flower arranging, and the traditional tea ceremony, along with their archery, horsemanship, and swordsmanship, for example, as a way to cultivate balance, and become a complete being, so, in your case, do the opposite, and take up more active pursuits.

Essentially, any activity which will have you doing something will cultivate Yang energy. It is the expressive force that propels life forward, so anything projected outwards is Yang.

Magically, you can practice solar invocations, like Aleister Crowley’s Liber Resh, which is a daily invocation of the sun, generally performed at dawn, but doing it at noon, when the sun is highest, also works.

You can also work with the archangel Samael. According to Jareth Tempest’s Archangel Pathworkings, he has “strong male energy that can help with all manner of masculine issues.”

There is also a qi gong form called 9 Palaces which you could practice to cultivate more Yang. You can find it in a book called Qi Gong for Health and Wellness, by Baolin Wu.


Hey look, I understand that a lot of people don’t really know how to go about It.

Most people rely on vamping off of actual hard working fighters, but when you get tested you’ll realize that you lack in experience. Your throat chakra may be weak, or solar plexus needs more development, etc…

But dude… I don’t know how else to tell you this but, if you really want it, then you will find the answers for your particular goal.

If your just trying to be accepted in society, then yeah go lift weights. Most people are vulnerable to the intimidation from “big muscles”, it’s much like how negative entries get in your mind & tell you that “your gonna die” & it makes your freak out.

But if you really want to be an “Alpha” then bro… You are going in for real ride… Like you have idea.

I’m literally trying to tell you & save you a bunch of trouble. You probably are gonna turn into one of those guys who needs pre workouts and little vitamin pills :joy::rofl:

But hey… If you want a real approach to becoming truly capable then, it’s truly gonna be tough. I recommend getting a job as a General Laborer and do some real hard work, lifting things all day without weight belts or a spotter in the real heat of the day. Do that for a couple I years and if you last ATLEAST a couple of years then you may consider yourself to have just begun. Try & produce numbers & don’t forget about quality.

Be around real men who have shit to loose & who do things correctly and legally. Imo strong men are the ones who do things correct & legally. It’s much harder doing things right.

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I don’t know a lot about entities for this, but I found something else that’s sort of interesting. It’s like a magickally aware male self improvement youtube channel. It’s called “Stellar Thoughts”, and really is quite something.

If you’re spiritually inclined, it’s far far beyond most male development channels, I’ll say that.

Most of those PUAs and male development people and all that completely overlook spiritual aspects. That leaves out a huge portion of actual reality (not to mention how disrespectful many are to women and others).

I’ve been looking for lots of meditations to use the past few months, that’s how I found this.

I think this one was good, but there may be better.

It’s mostly a mind magick type of channel. I’ve never seen a full ritual magick equivalent for male development. There could be some day, though! Maybe a BALG member can do something like this. It seems like it’s a big need.

I suppose the Freemason Ninja Martin Faulks does this a bit, although he never seems to tell you what entities he uses, though.

I’d actually be super excited to see what @C.Kendall Conner Kendall would come up with. He’s truly next level and tells you EVERYTHING. It’s good when people are honest and explicit.


That was a very beautiful sound… I feel that these things are there to help you get in a trance. It’s just for help.

Honestly… I plan on making my own website in the near future with my own methods for incorporating magic & physical energy. I would love for more men to become stronger in mind & spirit. Imagine the society we would have. :green_heart:

& yeah! Don’t forget about the girls. It’s always important to work on your love & acceptance for them. They need someone solid but with mature emotional development.

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That’s right. There’s the love and acceptance we need to show to women, and all living beings. (That don’t intentionally try to harm us, anyway — certainly fight back against those who target you)

This is huge and vital. It seems almost all the “man stuff” completely overlooks this.

I’m impressed, John. You said in another thread you are very young, so it makes me very happy to see you’re already thinking in this very elevated way. You have a bright future ahead!

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Well thanks man :slightly_smiling_face: I’m happy that your happy that I am getting there more and more everyday.:fire::ok_hand:

I think that women are so vital to the emotional maturity of men that honestly… How can we live without them? They test us on a daily basis & they show us what we need to work on.

But don’t also forget that women are also very susceptible to neg attacks… Especially nowadays. As beautiful as a nice woman sounds, well… Jesus, sometimes they can be demons 🫠

So it’s important for a man to really understand how negativity can influence our minds and trigger are aggressive impulses that could lead to yelling & degrading each other & just overall chaos.

Most men think being cold hearted is the way… But that’s if your like a hermit or something with no girls. But… When you open your heart and really love… Well Jesus Christ, things can happen so fast. You all need psychic self defense.

Especially if you show love to a man… it can be the most Toxic motherfuckin thing in the world.

Whether it be in a gay way or a open hearted person way. Showing love to a man can be a very hard thing to do because, negative entity’s will take advantage of the situation & share notes with one another to exploit your weaknesses.

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This ^^

Very good advice.

Also calcium d-glucarate (CDG) can remove excess estrogens, or use a formula such as Natural Factors AndroSense which includes it. Depends what makes more sense for you.

I used to find CDG essential because of all the xenoestrogens we get in our packaging and whatnot.

Can’t even drink a bottle of water without an infusion of unwanted xenoestrogens, unless you’re in a country like Germany where they use mostly glass.

Zinc glycinate or Zinc ZMA at night, with your final meal or snack (zinc will hurt like hell on an empty stomach!), can also boost T levels quite well. Even generic forms of zinc glycinate work really well, as long as it’s from a trusted source.

Mulberry again has very good advice here. T shots as a last resort. I would definitely go with things like zinc (to feed your testes) before T shots, as T shots can unfort shrink your testes.

However, if you need ‘em, you need ‘em. Some older and or even chemically wounded people do require them.

If you ever start going truly heavy on the zinc, though (some guys end up loving it and taking huge amounts), then take 2 to 4mg of copper bisglycinate in the day to balance it out. So copper at say, lunch or breakfast, and zinc before bed. That works great.

However, if you’re very yin, you probably don’t need copper at first. It’s just something to be aware of long term.