Which Entity of The Goetic Is Best For Learning A New Language?

I want to learn a new language, specifically python. It’s a computer programing language. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer but I would like to learn it anyway. I purchased the GoM Demons of Magick. Which entity is best to work with in order to learn python? Please advise.

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Perhaps Crocell?

King Paimon.

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You may find this post useful:

Depends on your learning style, OP. However, I second the suggestion about Ronove. While I didn’t ask him to help me in learning a new language because I was already working with another spirit for that at the time, he came off as a very meditative and patient figure eager to teach those who are genuinely willing to learn. Found him calming to talk to as well. He felt like one of those ever-reliable guides/mentors.

However, if you’re more into serious and straight to the point type of teaching/learning, Orias comes to mind. I utilized his abilities then for a different purpose (though still computer-related) and I remember him doing and sharing nothing more or less than what he’s asked to, leaving as soon as he came and being quite hard to read. If you learn in more no-nonsense type of approaches, I’d suggest him as more suitable for you.