Which entity do I call upon to be granted supernatural abilities?


Is there a faster way to be granted supernatural abilities like artifacts, or making pacts/petitions with various entities. I’m interested in the following abilities:

  1. Bodyswaping
  2. Shapeshifting.
  3. Immortality
  4. Time Travel.

again, your confusing this with harry potter.


I’m asking questions. Is it wrong to have goals?


Apparently time travel/body swapping can be achieved on the causal and astral planes respectively.


Glamour is supposedly a common occult ability in the glamour sense apparently. I just want to find out if there’s anything to this hocus pocus, if there is these are abilities I’d like to pursue.


theres also illusion magick. which is fun.
basically bodyswapping is two people possessing one another there probably isnt a ritual for that.

immortality could be achieved similarly. have you watched naruto? do you know how orochimaru possesses a body before he dies, etc? what i would do in this case is just steal the body of a child but id pick wisely

time travel- really in the astral realm this could be done but physically ive no clue

as for shapeshifting that depends.



Yeah I was definitely thinking about doing something along those lines. I’ve been looking for a partner to show me how to work the whole possession thing but I’ve been having a though time getting someone who’s willing to show me that possession is possible.

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so really you need to get a good grip on astral projection and your psychic senses. i mean i recommend getting into evocation and divination as well but above all imho you need astral projection and psychic senses under your belt the most.


Yeah that’s what I’ve figured as well. I was hoping to get evocation under my belt too.


Is it now? I’ve never knowingly met a magician (myself included) who’s truly willing to put it to the ultimate test.
To leave behind every bit of society and even humanity and go into the wilderness alone and spend three months? Six? A year? More? Focusing all their attention on one of those seemingly impossible powers.
And why would most even want to, as so much of what they want has to deal with making their lives better in society?

I guess the ones who did are either dead, completely insane or so powerful they would never bother to come to a forum like this to share what they know with all us lower lifeforms.

So until i actually met someone who has tried it, or gather enough courage (go a little more crazy then i already am) to try myself, it remains unanswered what the limits of magick really are.:thinking:


[quote=“DragonHorde, post:1, topic:11583”]Is there a faster way to be granted supernatural abilities like artifacts, or making pacts/petitions with various entities. I’m interested in the following abilities:

Time Travel.[/quote]

Think about this rationally: immortailty is something humans have desired since the dawn of time, ditto time travel to set things straight, the wistful statement “If I’d only known then what I know now” was something I remember my grandparents saying.

“If only…” is probably the single prayer shared by every human being who ever lived, from the Aboriginal bushman to the heads of state in the west, we ALL have things we wish we could have done differently, even if we later see their value as lessons.

Therefore, you have to ask yourself how likely it is that 1/ these things are readily attainable, and 2/ that people know a shorter route to them, but are choosing not to take it because for some reason they want to wallow in their past bad choices a bit longer, and risk death instead of seizing immortality.

I’m not saying magick CAN’T grant these things, or that you’re wrong to want them, but there seems to be a communication issue whereby you seem to be asking for “one weird trick” (as the marketers call 'em) that will enable you to go back in time and/or acquire a new body.

If you’re willing to put in the work at your end, I already put some in replying to you on how to get started on what you need as immediate outcomes, as have other people, and these will, if you persist with magick, start opening the gateways to the kind of things you really want.

But for me, and I think some other people, posts like this come across a bit like entitled whining that we give you the simple method to set your life straight that we’re somehow hiding, and it’s not like that at all.

Working with my partner, and someone else recently, I HAVE actually changed the past, but I’m not going to do it for you because it has all kinds of consequences, it’s an erratic ability, and I would have to care personally about you (instead of simply wanting to see you succeed with magick, as I do for most people) - also, I’m far too busy with things that matter far more than one person’s life.

Do the work - open sigils, get a working relationship with Belial if possible, I gave you a full walk-through on that, you have all you need and FAR more than most of us started with that are on this forum, you’re living in a paradise and you don’t even know it.

There’s nothing wrong with being impatient, but know when to tuck it away and not keep waving it round like your time matters more than anyone else’s.

I’m trying to be friendly and constructive here, and I want for you to fix your life up, but I wouldn’t be being fair to you if I didn’t say any of this.

If you keep looking for the “one weird trick” or single pact that fixes everything, you’re going to waste your time, maybe place yourself in danger, and get disillusioned with magick, and I don’t want any of that to be added to your problems! :slight_smile:


I’m well aware of that but if you have changed the past for other people. I’d like it if I could pay you to either do so for me or to teach me the ability to do so. Thank You.

The only thing I can teach you is what I already have, because it’s an ability that arises from a specific understanding of magick, “reality,” and self, that took me a lot of work to attain, and the work isn’t being held over your head like a moral thing, demanding you “pay your dues” - it’s the necessary route to be able to do it.

It’s like wanting to bench press 300lbs but not being willing to do the lifting and other work to get there, if you see what I mean.

I have “taught” you - for free - how to get started, with Belial (and explained why I think he’s the right one to approach), let me know how that’s going for you - if you don’t want to do that, maybe someone else will teach you or send you some information. :slight_smile:

You need to learn to walk before you can run, in most cases, and if you were someone who can run straight out of the cradle, so to speak, like some people on this forum and site, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation, because you wouldn’t need to be taught.


I drew the sigil and was meditating on it. I gave him my intent as I would normally charge a sigil I prayed that he give me a new identity or at least make it so that any record of my college experience was lost. It hasn’t happened.



There’s a cursing ritual in Mark Smiths “Scorpion God” that lets you swap bodies with somebody else when you die, but you must be really far down that path to use it. It involves Belial and maybe some other spirit which I can’t really remember right now. Obviously, I haven’t used it but I thought I should mention it.

I believe that shape shifting is done in the astral plane and there are a lot of spirits that can instruct you in that. I’ve never heard of a physical shape shifting and I don’t believe it’s possible tbh.


I’m going to non-snarkily suggest you first approach him with this - ask him to release you by any means that don’t harm you, and people you love, from being trapped, and your options limited, due to your college results.

Let him scry out the cause-and-effect chains, which seems to be how spirits view time and probabilities, that will deliver the result.

If I needed a diamond & platinum bracelet to be happy, a very reasonable and modest idea from a goddess such as myself :yum: I could win the money and buy one, or inherit one from an unknown rich aunt, or be given one by a friend, or find one mislabelled and underpriced in a junk shop - or, save, or take out a small loan, and purchase one from a West End jeweller.

All of those get me my bracelet, and some may be easier to arrange than others, so if I set an intent for that, I would therefore leave delivery methods open, because they don’t matter - I just want the result.

If you dictate to a demonic King the exact route he has to take, you’re limiting him and maybe even going to annoy him, and there’s no need for that to happen. :slight_smile:

Be VERY specific about the result, but let him work out how to bring it to you.

Many millionaires and entrepreneurs flunked college, you may have a chance meeting with someone like that who empathises with your result, mentors you, and in time you become better off than the MILLIONS of people with great paperwork and no prospects. These things do happen, they usually just take a nudge and the right attitude from you towards opportunity and other people (especially successful people).

(And if you learn in future to manifest things from thin air, one of these is a nice way to say “Thank you Eva”! :stuck_out_tongue: )


While I’m on the topic of success, I don’t feel I “know” you, so you may well have some of these covered, but there are subtle things that will make your life easier and better, and take you further in life and society, if you make a commitment to mastering them.

First up, this is my guide to how to make a great first impression.

All those things are easy to learn and will set you head and shoulders above most people, and it’s like, “dress for the job you want” - you’ll come across as someone capable of handling success, trustworthy and likeable, and when you attain it, you’ll fit right in.

This book (there are PDFs available because it’s out of copyright, and a simple html version here) will set you up to be the great person who can either start from where you are now, or, should a miracle occur that delivers you a different life, mean you aren’t like all the dumb lottery winners and overnight reality show stars, who end up back where they started or fucked up worse because they have no class or self-restraint:

This next is also essential reading – fix your atttude and success will come running to you in everything you touch. Life tries to undermine self-belief, especially in young men right now, look at this as your mental vitamin pill and re-read regularly:

There are some books by him also available free online (and a brief overview here), but I don’t have time to research which are legal and which aren’t. He does emphasise a very benevolent approach to people and events, but that’s what’s going to work best most of the time unless you go for a life of crime and violence, and you can always take off the “velvet glove” when it’s really needed, and adapt the ideas to suit the situation.

Watch channels like this guy (even if you dislike wrist watches) to become familiar with gentlemanly classiness, style, expectations, and attitudes:

None of these things will constrain you - they’ll empower you to fit in anywhere, and be the kind of person who gets the breaks and makes the connections, whatever other outcomes you get with your magick, and whatever level of society you’re at. And they’re all really easy to do.


All of what you’ve asked for is technically possible. The problem is that most people couldn’t channel enough energy to achieve them.
If you want to develop these abilities, I suggest you work on your astral senses and master the more common methods;
Possessing a willing target, during a ritual.
Small shapeshifts
Slowing aging
Astral time travel.
Get good enough with these and, combined with brilliant astral senses, you might just get close.


I know I’m being judgmental but I think those things are total overkill for the problems that he’s described, and that easier, sleeker ways exist to get a great result without murdering your old life to start anew.

But that’s me judging without the full data, so…

A lot of other options depend on what DragonHorde wants from life, there are side-routes into almost everything, but you need something extra to get those opportunities and make contacts, and I’m not sure if he has that, or is willing to make the choice to acquire it, I don’t have enough to go on. The post I made above is a starter-pack kind of deal on that, it either clicks or it doesn’t with people.

In London, and I think in the USA, there are people with masters degrees waiting tables or claiming food stamps, they’re probably nice people and can do the academic work but they don’t have that something extra, the combination of ruthless hustle and graceful polish you need to really get ahead.