Which entities are the best in bed?

He’s miiine

I always thought Lucifuge as the cute type like an old Grandpa

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Lilith, but when she wants. Does not matter if you offered blood: you can not feel she has an obligation, or something like that, or you will recibe nothing, or her rage XD. Also the fairies (I don´t feel any human shape, cause was small folk or simply non antropomorphic fairies), cause it is so electric, more than with demons), but the problem is that they don´t put order. So, demons or other beings can mix in the encounter. And not, that is not cool. Fairies are hippies, at less the ones I knew. The exception is if they are atacked (for example, shadow entities can do that, but then …). An other point, and I don´t know why, is that I suffered a massive demonic atack after the encounter with a fairie… maybe because was a spirit guide (talks with symbolic dreams) of my, and she was different (was… “pure”) until I started to call demonic entities, so maybe she was influenced by my fault, and that encounter was the hill of my cinism, so karma came