Which Demons like Poker Chips or Vodka as an Offering?

I’m new to Vegas, and I just came to the realization that casino chips are probably charged with a particular energy—maybe, adrenaline, anxiety, excitement, anger, etc., since they change so many hands.

Any thoughts or knowledge on the types of energy chips are charged with? When you bring these chips home, does it affect the spiritual presence?

Also, which demons appreciate poker chips as an offering? How about Vodka?

I’m still very new to the left hand path, and barely even gave my first offering like one week ago, and it was for my own blood to Asmodeus…

Not to go off topic, but all these creative ideas to make more money, and all these powerful business people are coming into my life, and we are aligning ourselves together with marketing/social media, etc.

Just to give u one example from yesterday. I have a roommate who i rent out half of the house from. He’s trying to get a fraudulent restraining order against me by lying and saying that I bashed his head thru a video poker machine…The cameras show him sucker-punching me as I’m sitting on a bar stool…His head busted on the ground from the altercation…We go to court next week.

So, I have been asking certain entities to give me favor, open up new opportunities, bring people towards me who can help me with my living situation until I start making lots of money out here in Vegas with a new biz venture…So, yesterday I went to a random casino around 20 miles from where i live—there’s casinos everywhere here. I was at a certain casino. Then my roommate showed up—who is trying to say with his application for a restraining order that I have been stalking him…I’m at the front of the casino texting on phone when he’s walking in and said hi to me…He said he’s NOT stalking me, but that it was only a coincidence…

My thoughts are that there are some gods behind the scene pulling strings for me…

I think that it is possible that someone is pulling strings for you.

I read somwhere that Sorcerers are poker demons.

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In all seriousness of this I’d say ones good with gambling. It kinda screams Djinn lol Especially coming from a person that lived in Las Vegas for a bit.

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