Which demon should I call to remove someone from my life?

I want to get rid of somebody from my life. It dosen’t have to be a Death curse it could be anything that gets rid of her, heck I don’t care if she win a million dollar and move to her newly built castle. I don’t care. All I want is to get rid of her.

Any advice?

Thanks :kissing_heart:


Commenting because I want to know the same answer lol


In my experience, Sorath, although I am sure there are many others. Here is a link to the thread I wrote on a banishment spell I did with him. Very crazy story but definitely fast results


Use the Forced Exile curse from the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield.


Darkesrknight, you keep recommending books I need to add to my library lol

I have heard good results from that working, to keep this reply relating to topic.

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The Forced Exile curse is great because it’s only purpose is to get rid of someone in whatever way possible. So, as the OP asked, they could win a million dollars and move away…or have an accident.


Angel Opfaal.

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Great tip. Just bought it. I love working with… a certain kind… of angels. :innocent:

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Just use the freezer spell on this person.

Also cut off any and all sorts of contact with Her. Delete her number. Throw away anything that reminds you of this person etc.

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if you work Voodoun then Barron Semedi is a deff, or Met Khalfou’s black pin trick.
Gopher dust is also a good one.

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