Sorath: Banishing Spell

I was not sure what category to place this post in, but I decided that this may be the best due to the heavy level of involvement Sorath had in it. I will try to go light on the story behind it to spare you all from the boredom and to maintain privacy of the victims.

So, before I begin my next portion of the Gatekeepers pathworking, I was essentially told that I needed to work with Sorath before moving onto Amaymon. I went through six days of daily invocations with Sorath, recording all the sensations and conversation I was channeling. While I was going through the trials of working with Sorath, a couple that the homeowner had allowed to stay for a week was becoming more of a problem with each passing day (they had been there for two months at this point). The guy was perfectly fine and did everything he could to chip in with whatever he could. The woman, on the other hand…was the complete opposite. I have had problems with her in the past that led to a previous banishment but things just escalated upon the second time. She had been seen both beating him and also beating herself to cause bruises, threatening to call the police on him if he left her.

Considering that I have kids, needless to say it was a big problem for me, but legally I could not kick them out as I am not the homeowner (I talked to a lawyer to make sure). So, after another channelling session, I brought up the issue to Sorath. While still within me, he had me write the woman’s name and draw his sigil over it, without drawing any sort of emotion. He then had me see her face within the image and set it ablaze by the candle I devoted to him, uttering “goodbye”. I then released him and ended the session, thinking nothing of it as it did not seem to be magic at all to me (I always thought that banishments and curses required large amounts of emotions).

The next day, I wake up to four police cars outside of my home. Apparently, the woman bit the guy hard enough to bleed because he said he was done with their relationship and, in a rage to get her off, he pushed her by the throat (not a mark on her neck). The cops ended up arresting the guy thinking he started it and when the woman tried to get back into the house, the sheer wrath of every person who lived here drove her away. It was the fastest banishment I have seen manifest in my life, from a very simple method.

For anyone curious, the guy is out of jail and to the dismay of the police, his lawyer is flipping the charges against the woman (I did do a ritual to Belial for him as I felt it was the spell that put him there). The woman is, frowe have last heard from an uninvolved friend, now homeless and trying to hide from the police. This is all still going on and I will update if something interesting arises from it.

However, what continues to baffle me is the simple ritual that created that much of an effect. I will not acknowledge it as “my spell” as it was Sorath’s power that flowed through me. Like I mentioned, I did not believe that magic of that nature would even be successful without all the emotion in that moment. I guess I learned that there is. More than one way to step into the current of power necessary to bring necessary change.

Thank you for reading this.


Hello C. Wilson I find the ritual you share interesting since I am currently going through a similar situation, another person could use this ritual or it would not be advisable, I would appreciate your opinion.

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I’m learning not all rituals and/or spell work require mass amounts of emotion. Everything that’s behind said resolution built up enough to become a well placed " one shot, one kill" scenario that’s way easier to set and forget which I feel is way easier for spirits to work with. Lack of emotion in the spell itself means it’s not anchored to you. It was all stuffed into the creation of the thought process leading to ritual.

Ex: boss rides your ass non-stop, workplace harassment, screws with your pay and constant threats. You go to burn down the office and bump into his hot ass daughter who’s looking to piss daddy off. She realizes you’re the work-turd and 3 hours later you’ve got enough raunchy video that would make porn hub proud. If you’re fired for said masterpiece, he burns in court for wrongful termination, you own his business and his daughter’s your new self appointed :trophy:.

Things happen all the time lol.

Someone likely could do it for you, but honestly it would likely be more efficient if you did it

Thank you very much, that was precisely the question I wanted to solve.

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