Which demon/entity is more powerful than Jesus Christ?

And why demons are never able to get close to the Christian Cross or anything associated with the Christian God and …Panagia? (Jesus’ mother)
Just middle-night questions, as I’m trying to clear up in my mind the truth between the christian traditions and the reality… :slightly_smiling_face:


This is neither a pissing race nor an arm wrestle.


Um…yeah, they can lol


I have Christian iconography of Mary and Jesus painted by myself, a cross and three Bibles, and my demons are perfectly okay with those things. In my journal I teach how to cast a demonic sexual curse using God names


There’s too many beliefs around Jesus and whether he even exist as a real person or thoughtform created by Christianity.


Its not about the battle thing, the church is teaching. Im far away from this belief eventually… its about the perspective, the belief that demons hate and avoid whatever has to do with Jesus.
How can also this be completely lie…@DarkestKnight ?
@Velenos i believe he existed and tones of miracles have Happened on his name, even those days… When my grandma saw his wooden picture bleeding out of nowhere… and that wAs an omen of what followed later…

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With which demons are you working with? :slight_smile:

My succubi and incubi

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Are you a Greek Orthodox?

The female entities strike me as EXTREMELY powerful, even moreso than the males…at least on paper (in books, on websites)


Greek yes, christian yes, orthodox not anymore
I disagree with the most of the “rules” of the church and im currently working with Lucifer. Which christians are afraid of and hate :stuck_out_tongue:
Im also interested in the Egyptian tradition, so im searching those days about Goddess Isis.


The follow angels I.E Lucifer, Azazel, Belial aren’t really contrived by crosses or holy water. They are also said that they can be exorcised. They don’t really care about Christian beliefs. I was very heavily Christmas when Azazel frost came to me. And Lucifer didn’t have an issue with all the crosses in my mom’s house. The parasites seem to be the only ones that fear Jesus and holy items.


Thanks Angel! Good to know… it seems there is a huge mixed up beliefs system/ misunderstanding in this world :laughing:


Unless the icons are deliberately charged with the intention to drive away demons, they are just inert matter and have little power.

Truly devout Christians do have a lot of spiritual power, though, and though they may not think of themselves as magicians, that is exactly what they are. The little old ladies in the back of the church mumbling over their rosaries are more powerful than most of those in the so called occult, but it is not the cross that holds the power, it is the belief and will of the one doing the praying.

Remember, the power does not reside in the symbol itself, but in what that symbol represents to the believer.


Oh, despite I work mainly with demons, I’ve learned a lot from the Orthodox churches, and the few ones in my country are Greek (there is also one that is Russian), so I have received some Greek wisdom of which I’m very thankful, plus Agni Parthene is the most beautiful thing ever channeled, besides the Book of the Law and The Vision and the Voice


There truly is. I grew every Christian and still work with archangels When I need to. I honestly believe it was easy for Lucifer to come to me because being Christian I beloved without a doubt he existed.

Human religions. Are written by human hand. So they will say what can and can not be done and pass it off as work of the Devine or Infernal or whoever. I believe believed the Bible because it was written by man and could be bent to man’s will.

I have also sought out comfort form the beings themselves. So I learned that if you want answers ask Lucifer, ask Micheal, ask Jesus etc. never take the word of man as the end all be all. Find the truth yourself :two_hearts:


Totally agree. And thats exactly the proof of will and faith power, that starts from our minds… But still all of the Christians are so stubborn to accept it.
The irony is, may there are miracles happening caused by their power, but they believe Jesus did them , so they are even more dedicated to this religion like blind sheeps :joy::joy:

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I know this hymn! Agni Parthene Despina, Achrante Theotoke… Right? :slightly_smiling_face: I was singing it together with my grandma before she passed away…
And where are you from?

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Its true sweetheart! I hope i will hear Lucifer. Too one day, because till now I’m talking on my own :joy::joy:

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It is much more likely that Jesus did do them. After all, what the Christians do is really no different from the magicians who ask Lucifer or Belial to do something, so why is petitioning Lucifer for a favour seen as somehow more legitimate than asking Jesus?

Someone who knows what they are doing, and follows the basic principles of magick, can get miracles in the name of Jesus just as easily as someone could in the name of Lucifer.