Which colors/clothes/items attract spirits?

Should I use black or white? Or other color?
Is it okay to wear a cross necklace and a reversed pentacle?
What items can I put in my room to attract ghosts?

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Like attracts like, and spirits are energy, so hold the kind of energy you want to attract likeminded entities.

Should I use black or white? Or other color?

So, color theory in clothing is a thing. It’s said that wearing certain colours will lift your mood towards emotions associated with the colour. Bear in mind this is cultural and will be affected by your own history. Be cautious with black and white, which mean differen things in diferent cultures. White is the colour of death in India worn at funerals, but in the west that’s black instead.

E.g., if your childhood bedroom walls were painted “frascati green”, and seeing that colour makes you feel playful remembering the times you used to look at that color on your walls, use that color to attract childlike playful spirits.

Is it okay to wear a cross necklace and a reversed pentacle?


What items can I put in my room to attract ghosts?

Nothing. Ghosts are not attracted to random objects. :woman_shrugging: In fact, if you have stuff that’s too interesting, such as, a witch bottle, that will trap the ghost so it’s distracted and won’t talk to you. It’s a form of ward and it sounds like you don’t want to do that.

E.A. Koetting’s book Ordo Ascensum Aetrynalis has exercises that are very simple to call the ghosts in your local neighbourhood to you.

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Thanks. Regarding color theory, I just had an insight right now. Nothing to do with ghosts tho.
Higuer frequencies tend to feel more joyful and lower ones less, right?. What if I just adapt with the lowest frequency. For example,wearing always black (I believe it has the lowest frequency) and listening to low hz. Would that made me more sensible to the higher frequencies?, and would it be easier to feel joy in terms of comparison (Since if Im at the lowest point, everything else would be higher)?

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had a big Deja Vu vibe from reading that comment

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Black is all colours of the visible spectrum. There’s no true black in clothing color, it’s probably going to be a very very dark navy or something, (every goth revels in black on black shades lol) but it’s not any frequency in particular.

If you want to be more sensitive to higher frequencies, learn energy working. You can get Tibetan singing bowls that are good for creating given frequencies in your space. But tbh you can also get tuning forks much cheaper.

No you’d resonate and feel lower. Like attracts like. “BE the change you want to see in the world.” To feel better, bring in higher frequencies, they will resonate with you and lift you up. You can become invisible to lesser entities and your energy will be inedible to them when it’s higher in vibration. :slight_smile: (Human ghosts are not lesser entities, you won’t automatically drive them away with higher frequencies.)

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Thanks, I’ll just wear purple then :laughing:

I think I read or heard somewhere it was Queen Victoria started the vogue for black at funerals and the before that it was west whatever you had regardless of color. Also that she started the whole white wedding thing.

So… White funerals in India? Didn’t know that. I know Chinese brides wear red traditionally.

The colors of your clothes during a ritual don’t really matter, there are even those who do rituals naked.

No problems with these pendants.
Just be careful if you’re going to use opposing items at the same time so you don’t mix energies.

Graveyard dirt in the corners of your room also attract ghosts.

If you want a simple spell to attract local ghosts for a limited time, try using “the incomplete prayer”

Pretty sure you can find most this stuff out just by finding out what Planet the Spirit is connected to or element. Allot of this stuff is basically universial in the sense that no matter what culture the spirit comes from that there is always a Planet,Hour or Elment that connects to that spirit or entity. You can even just find allot out about them about the way they are described and what that Entity does allot of Spirits or Entities have there Favorite color on them in some form of way and if they carry a item or Object that is mad of a Element then that means they share a connection to that Element and like the things that would add too it or boost it. Even the Incense you need to use can be found by finding what planet,Hour or Element they fall under even if that Entity doesn’t have it written down in a book the connections are there to be found you just need to look.

Use your Blood, Semen, and sexual fluids any spirit will come.
But be very cautious because any mistake will screw you UP!


Cloths are not necessary and if you’ll be naked, that’s more like it :smiling_imp: