Where vampires actually came from

So to give a quick factual overview a vampire was created when Lilith (one of the Annunaki) fell in love and gave her blood to a mortal man in the attempt to make him like her immortal. He received supernatural speed agility strength. And immortality but the immortality came at a price he would have to now dilute his body in fresh human blood daily as his body was not created as an Annunaki and could not survive the effects of the foreign blood in his system. The other side effect was that as this creation was an abomination of Lilith her father who we refer to as our God said such a creature will never be seen in the light of day he shall be cursed to live in the shadows. Now as he was not Annunaki he did not have the ability to create matter from nothing however he could mix his blood with other mortals and make them as he was a creature of the night. Please understand this is a very brief and small peace of a 27 year long research project for me



Lol I am certain you have questions I am more then happy to answer them

I am now what some would call a Vampirologist. I’ve never been a fan of the Title as it implies that my works are tought in schools, or other type of pedagogy. I went to school for many things in search of knowledge theology being one of the main topics. That led me to anthropology. Then Mythology with a focus on the immortals. I am trying to write a book right now I just have one chapter so far. I believe I have found the true discovery of mans origins, and have discovered why some of these fantastical creatures like vampires, giants, and so on were existent in every culture of the ancient world. yet these cultures had no idea of each other’s existence


Physical vampyres or more on the spiritual sense?

Actual physical beings created by one of our creators.

Just to be clear I am not talking about aliens

Our creators? And yeah I get you I don’t believe that alien mumbo people like Stitchin push lol.

I couldn’t tell you if aliens do or don’t exist I can tell you that the ones who created us have the ability to transcend de mentions and creat matter from thought. They are called the Annunaki. They are not demonds they are not angels they are like us a species. Our ancestors referred to some of them as the above said and to the older of them as Gods.

I mean I believe in aliens it’s improbable for them not to exist. Although, I was curious on your view of human creators, you don’t hear that mentioned much if at all here.

how close are these creatures to the media vampires?

27 years long research, woah, how did you had the motivation to not give up on your research for so many years? Also, it was an interesting read, but im curious and my question probably is a stupid one, but in your perspective and knowledge you have gathered so far, do you think that vampires could still exist in our current century?


So you are proposing not only are there physical immortal undead but to have learned for certain their origin and it’s by Lilith? I’m skeptical to say the least, but it makes an interesting tale. Very “Vampire: The Masquerade”, if you swap Cain for Lilith.


I like the spiritual race of vampires by Aset and Set lol. Though I agree with Banjax.


Agreed. Very roleplay-ish, considering vampires had never been classy gentleman in evening wear until Stroker’s Count Dracula. Up until then, all the folklore I’ve read had them as nothing but desiccated corpses, mindless and animalistic (think Romero’s zombies, only with the need for blood, not brains). Immortal people with high charisma, super strength and speed, is a modern, 20th century invention.


My philosophy is that we are human we should know the truth of where we are coming from.

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That’s a understandable philosophy for sure, I am a believer in creationism and evolution, so I have from time to time wondered.

The long and short of it is that we were created to be servants to the Annunaki. To worship and obey them. They are depicted on the walls of every ancient hieroglyphic depiction archeologist believed that they drew them larger because they were the rulers but that’s not so when the Annunaki slept with the human women the women gave birth to giants actual giants a race that until 2004 we thought to be myth as well but they weren’t the smith Sonian has skeletons reaching heights of 30+ feet. They move through detentions creating new realities and then revisit the ones they have already created which is why you see in history every couple hundred years our species for lack of a better term gets an upgrade in vast unsupstanciated proportions. Some of them choose to stay and live among us completely immortal and look just as we do thus the adage “God” created man in his image.

You would think that and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking it. However if you go back into ancient history stories from Egypt the Balkins and so many more there were creatures that looked as we do spoke and acted as we but had supernatural abilities and fed on the blood of humans. I’m not romanticizing this. The need for blood was why the Annunaki never attempted such a thing again instead of improving the species they created more or less a predatory being that fed on what was his or her own kind

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Those findings were later confirmed to be fake.