Where to go from here

I need some help, I’m a newbie when it comes to all of this. But I’m extremely interested in learning

I’ve been experiencing some things, and I would love some advice. It’s a bit long, so here I go

For years I’ve felt a presence with me. But it would only occur when I was in bed, and usually at night time. I would feel pressure on my chest, and slowly my mouth would open. As if someone else was doing it to me. This would happen only a few times a month at first, and it made me feel really tingly.
I would also have really vivid sex dreams, wet dreams. And a lot of the time I would wake up from them and feel the presence around me. It’s been like that for 4 years. Now, something has changed.

A few days ago I was home alone, and out of nowhere I got the sudden urge to make a ouija board. I don’t own one, so I looked up an image and drew one on to paper. I own a crystal necklace, so I used that as a pendulum.

So when testing my board, I was talking to a spirit who said his name was “dig” and when he was born and such. It seemed pretty normal, but then I ended it. I used it again moments later, and felt a presence touching me. It felt really warm and tingly. I asked what I was speaking to and it spelled out ‘incubus’. I asked it a few times and asked if it was lying but it told me it was the truth. I said goodbye after.

After that, I continued to feel the presence with me. And honestly, it was a comforting but arousing at the same time. I had a shower after, and while I was in, I got the feeling it was there with me. And all I could hear in my head was “my name is Malcolm”

I took out the Ouija board when i got out. I asked if I was talking to Malcolm and he said yes, and that he’s been with me since I was 18. (which is when I first noticed the presence) He told me I make him feel loved and that’s why he stayed this whole time. I can feel the presence so strongly, but I cannot see him. Sometimes I get quick glimpses in my dreams, but I find it hard to focus on the image. I can feel and hear him no problem though. It’s been 3 days since this all happened and I still feel him around and I feel constantly aroused. Sometimes so much, I can actually feel myself blushing.

I have no idea what really to do now. Since this happened, I’m now extremely interested in learning more about this type of stuff. But I have no idea where to start!

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? But also can someone tell me where to start in learning all about magick and everything else

it would be greatly appreciated


I just sent you a PM with some ideas on where to start, I recommend most of all you read the Member Resources thread, as that has some links to seminars and tutorials, and so on. :smiley:


Interesting it waited till you were 18. Mine started messing with me when I was 16. These days I’m a god and nothing f**** with me. I spent 20 years ever night being terrified at presenses in the dark. These days I will snarl like a beast at thin air and not give two s****. Your inner beast will defend you.

I think yer getting vamped. Leme ask you this, if I made you feel warm and wet would you trust me? Yet you consider trusting something that isn’t even human to engage sexual relations with. I’m not judging you, just trying to help you see the situation.

When I was 16 something went up into my body like I had a vagina but Im a dude. Didn’t go up my butt… it when up my body when a vag would be if I was a girl. Sure if felt wild and really good but I didn’t ask for it. If it happened in so called real life with another actual human it would be called sexual assault. When I was 18 a shapeshifter visited me and took my virginity. She got on top of me, I felt myself enter her warm body. Again, it felt great but I was violated. Spirits shouldn’t be able to just go around sexually violating underage people who’ve never had sex like in my case…

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Honestly, it’s why I’m confused and don’t know what to do. I think it started then cause that’s when I started thinking about it. And when it was first happening, sure I felt certain ways, but it also was creeping me out. But since it’s been so long, I’m used to it and expect it. The fact that it’s felt stronger these past few days is whats intriguing but also freaky

Like yeah it does feel good, and I shouldn’t trust it. But because it makes me feel so convinced, I’m confused. It’s why I’m here. I need opinions/advice from people with more knowledge than me.

I’ve read so many different opinions on the matter, it’s a blur.


You can get some wards up, I did a beginner-friendly walk-through on that in this thread, replying to the OP:

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I have a good bit of experience. Can you tell me more about how he (if he truly is an Incubus you have a privilege many people would kill for) interacts with you

Well what I’m experiencing is, a lot of the time it’s like It’s putting its thoughts into mine. Like i’m having a conversation in my mind. But while that’s happening I usually feel a strong presence, and it’s like I’m being held/touched. And I’ll get a rush of emotions. For instance I was at work today standing alone, and then it felt like someone was hugging me from behind and I felt my face go red and felt tingly all over. And I’ve been using my homemade ouija and pendulum to talk to him. Not sure if it is really him, but every time I talk and ask if it’s him, I get the same feelings. At night time when I lay in my bed, it’s the same thing. But I feel pressure on my chest.

Honestly though the strangest thing happened to me today. I work in a fitting room, just me standing at a desk for hours alone. Since it’s boring standing there, I doodle. And today after a few hours, a small pointed amethyst stone showed up in the cup where I kept my pen. I swear on my life it wasn’t there before.

And I know it sounds crazy, but when I got home I tied it to string and used it as a pendulum. And I felt an even better connection using it.

Now see if just not sure what’s happening. Not sure what to think or make out of any of this. I’ve been trying to read other stories and experiences. But I usually only seem to see some negative stuff. Which then gets me paranoid and afraid that I’m making it up and it’s all in my head. But then when I do think that way, I suddenly feel really guilty for doubting what’s happening. Even writing this has got me feel so torn and conflicted. And because of it, I’ve been getting headaches. Like right now, my head starts to hurt when I think negatively towards what’s happening. But I can’t help but think that way since I have no idea what’s really going on. And I’m scared of being tricked

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Ok right now tell him to please stop sending you headaches he is hurting you

Also try to ask him what he wants. If it is a consistent energy lock on to that. It will pretty much always be him. Make sure that you are open to him. However if anything doesn’t sit right with you talk to him about it. Above all treat this as any other romantic relationship because it is very similar