Where to buy printed sigils for burning?

Apologies if this is against forum rules.

I’m looking for sigils ready printed on paper (I don’t have access to a printer). Anyone know where I can buy these from?


You can easily print them at a cyber cafe or a computer centre, isn’t that so?


I know you asked about printing but I’m curious: why not draw them? You can charge your pen/marker and energize the sigil while drawing it.


@Muggie yes that’s true. I will have to do this
@Onion I’m worried about drawing them incorrectly and offending the Demons. My ritual offering may also be pointless because of the mistake…

Don’t worry too much about not drawing it correctly. You should look at some of the original manuscripts of traditional grimoires. The scribes sometimes completely botched the sigils to the point of it being unrecognizable. Looks like the spirits want to be called, so messing up drawing a sigil is bit more acceptable. If it works, it works.


1: This is magick, not religion. The last thing you should be worried about is “offending” a spirit. And any spirit that gets offended because your drawing of their seal isn’t perfect isn’t worth your time anyway.

2: The seal does not have to be flawless, as long has it is a reasonable facsimile.


You know this might just be of help to you.


@DarkestKnight @anon25000386 @Dankquanicus Thanks for the advice bros. I will just draw some with an outline (CD or mug). Been meaning to start doing Magick. Going to give it a try soon. Great forum by the way.