Where should I start?

Hello everyone,

I have attached the link to my introduction below in case you needed any background information.

My Introduction

This site has a large variety of books and courses but I am unsure which would be the best way to start. Should go with the Divination course or Black Magic course or Evocation or something else? For someone who has no experience/ability.

I love idea of evocation but would it be pointless if I have not developed any clairvoyance abilities first? What is the best methodology to getting results?


Divination is the recommended start for the courses I believe, as it helps you develop your astral sight and intuition.

Also, I sent you a PM (green icon, top right) with some useful links in as well, that may assist you. :smiley:


@ResultsOriented I would start with meditation and energy work. Really solidify those foundational skills first. I generally point people towards the Sigil Gazing and Demonic Incantations from the Member Resources Post as well as some energy work exercises. Those are really the foundation of everything you will do (It also covers all three basic principles of Yoga that @KurtisJoseph talks about: Mantra, Mandala, Asana) . From there on I would say that all of the skills are equally valuable and that none of the courses are necessarily “more advanced”. It depends on personal preference and magickal affinity really.

Personally, id start with EAs evocation course. Its what i started with, largely because i feel like it can be the bridge to everything else like divination and soul travel. Plus, you’ll probably be more impressed by how life altering evocation can be… since you’re results oriented

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I’m going to jump into this course for my first evocation. Would you suggest this to a complete beginner before everything else?

i would, yeah

Cool. I’ll be looking into each course and working everything little by little

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