Where is the reverse baptism ritual by J.S. Garrett?

Anyone know Where to find it? Or how is it performed?

I didn’t see anything in google or our forum search for it, but it’s mentioned that his wife has presented one in the Balg book about to be released on Satan. If it’s something that existed prior, it’s possible they took it down from where ever it was, in order to include it in this compendium.

SATAN: The Adversary, Compendium 9 | Nine Demonic Gatekeepers (becomealivinggod.com)

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I saw a video on them explainin how to do it but i cant remember which one becuase they have like 100 vids out

Is baptism, a religion of baphomet?? Like satanism or luciferian?

The Reverse Baptism was a ritual J.S. Garrett performed on behalf of his wife Barbie Garret, I recorded a podcast with them both on the subject it will be released in the upcoming ninth gatekeeper edition, the Satan compendium. The podcast should be released soon on E.A. Koettings Channel.




gotta search it, thanks tho

It’s a reverse baptism, they talk about it on their channel. It’s undoing what baptism does spiritually. One of the things they explained that baptism undoes any spiritual protection you may have had.

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I really enjoyed the podcast. I am a bit too impatient for the book/anthology to be released later this month, but I am going to perform a reverse baptism today. With some research and reading, i believe my anxiety and dread when i work with demons comes from that tie i had from my catholic baptism. I don’t want those shackles to be around around me anymore. I first was blaming a parasite or incubus, but it seems to be the monotheistic God i was forceably tied with. I cleared them out and still felt so exhausted. What Barbie garrett described was so relatable. There are times when I work with Astaroth, that i feel afraid after or before a ritual i perform.
I’m going to try doing it with a bath and ritual at home.

So these are the links to J.S. and Barbie’s work on the topic, plus the group rite they’re performing in February on the 20th,

Hope that helps.

I watched the reverse baptism that J. S. Garrett did for Barbie the other day, it was beautiful. I could feel the emanation of all of Barbie’s energy in that video. I almost cried watching it.

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