Where does the average Satanist believe they will go after death?

I know other posts exist on the afterlife, but I’d like to know, where does the average Satanist/Luciferian/Pagan think they will go when they die?

Do you believe you will automatically reincarnate? Do you believe you will go to a heaven-like realm, where you will live and work alongside the deities you work with in this lifetime? Do you believe you will live a lavish lifestyle upon death?

Will you be casting spells from beyond the grave?

What sort of spiritual plane do you believe you will go to and how long do you think you will be there?

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Satanists typically focusing on the carnal and mundane, so they are only interested in the spiritual if it can increase their power on the earthly plane. As for the afterlife Satanists would seek preservation of the Self beyond death but it will only have meaning to them if they could get new body to rebirth in.


They believe our parts are recycled in the environment.

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These are all so different, it depends. There’s no “average” or commonality here.

Laveyan Satanists are actually atheists, and don’t believe in anything except the self: no hell as far as I know. Not all Satanists are atheists though, and there are many kinds.
Luciferians I don’t know about.

Pagans are people who believe in non monotheistic religions, and there’s are many pagan religions each with different cosmologies. You want to pick specific ones and look it up.
E.g. Norse Pagans might believe they will go to Valhalla when they die in battle.

If you try the search here we have had many discussions on where we go when we die. A general consensus is that “hell” is a fake concept, basically there are human created astral locations and people take themselves to them out of religious guilt… eventually they get bored of punishing themselves and move on.

I think in fact most people probably reincarnate pretty quickly.


I agree. Do you see value in reincarnating over and over? Do you not perhaps feel that we could push ourselves to achieve more in less lifetimes, rather than achieving less, over more lifetimes? Therefore, shortening our chances of reincarnating way too many times?

I’ve read other posts on this topic, but none that contained the answers I was looking for, or it was slightly different from this one, if that makes sense. I could, but I want to hear from the users on this platform.

Yes, hell in the traditional sense is definitely a man-made construct, used to control people into behaving in a certain way and following a certain…egregore that I’m not fond of.

That sounds scary, hopefully we actually have a choice when we die, to just endlessly reincarnate sounds like absolute torture, no control over what happens to your soul at the end of each life. Eek! :grimacing:

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That’s the natural physical decomposition of the body, what about spiritually? Or do you believe we cease to exist as a spirit after death? It’d be interesting to hear your take on that. :eyes:

No not really. I’m rather seriously considering the theory that this is a prison planet, the “life review” reincarnation thing is a scam and many people should have been able to move on with their spritual journey a very long time ago. In fact I suspect some people are here accidentally and should never have got stuck here the first place. I think the memory wipe as a learning tool makes zero sense and is cruel and illegitimate bullshit.

I have a post on here where in my work with Ebuhuel he has offered to assist anyone with leaving this planet.

I think my main goal is to become proficient in staying lucid during dreaming and astral travel, and that gives the best chance I can think of at the moment to stay conscious and in control of my decisions during the death transition out of body.

No I fully believe we are most of us relatively ancient higher beings. The majestic 12 project and Farsight use the term “ISBE”. I think we’ve been various kinds of beings including several ETs races before getting stuck on Earth as humans for whatever reason. I think there have been thousands of planets with physical incarnation options, some species offer better potential for growth than others. All over experience and the opportunity for curiosity to be explored.

Humanity however young it is at only 400k is on the brink of failing. Making an ascendable sentient species out of monkeys is a version that I personally feel is too flawed to succeed for more than a few, and it’s high time it was wrapped up and abandoned. But for the prison bullshit, it probably would have been.

Now we’re about to have another pole flip and I think it’s paramount that we do not have billions of ISBEs stuck as ghosts without the chance of reincarnation to even try to ascend. We need to get the fuck off this unstable shithole of a planet and never come back.

That’s what I actually think. That’s why psychic development and sites like BALG that encourage it is critical. The only obligation of a prisoner is to escape. Everything else, food, sex tv and drugs. is a distraction for the monkey vessel, and part of the prison.

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Yes but only if I have achieved immortality of my Self. If I had done this in past life I would not have made those mistakes I did in my teen years in this life…

I am not sure about Satanists, but some Wiccans believe in the Summerland. It’s a place where it is always summer, and they believe all witches go there after death.

In my opinion there is going to be different thoughts and beliefs across the board. Like said here some are Atheists and some are not.

For myself of course I personally consider myself a Satanist because I work with Satan and basically he is the center of my practice. However I do believe he has his own domain that has different places in it. For myself I see him in different aspects but the one I feel I am more connected to is him as a Lord of Witchcraft. But I also am connected to him as a Dragon as well. So to me when I die either I will go to his grove or I will go to his main empire and there I continue my studies. Again this is my personal view.

Not that I identify as a Satanist, but here’s what I belive.

When people die, their souls go to a place that I’ve seen in dreams. It’s a quiet forest like area in the middle of an eternal Summer night. The moon is constantly full. In this realm of eternal night, they sleep. After some time, their memories are erased and they reincarnate back into the closest genetic match. Such as a descendent or distant relative.

If a person gives their soul to a deity, then that deity decides where they go in the afterlife. Considering that I’d mainly be a Levayan Satanist if I were to identify as one, I don’t really know what kind of after life traditional/theistic satanists believe in. But, all in all, I’d rather reincarnate.

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Atheistic Satanists have different beliefs. Theistic Satanists have different beliefs. I think it’s most reasonable to say that Satanists have nothing in common but their religion preserves their connection as a group.

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^^ This!! This is literally what I’ve been saying for a long time to many people. I definitely agree that many people should not be born, some peoples lives are genuinely aimless and a select few, serve no purpose.
Yes, a memory wipe makes no sense, because then you have to learn everything all over again, rather than building on that knowledge in our next lifetime so that we can quicker reach enlightenment and kinda ‘pick up from where we left off’ where reincarnation is concerned anyway.

Yes please!! That is something I need. I’ll be checking that out.

I love what you said i your last paragraph, it’s all a big distraction from what is really beneficial for our souls. I really hope this is the lifetime where I decide to do something big and help others to break the chain of reincarnation because it really is a waste of our time, our history repeats itself because the majority are idiots and don’t learn from the past.

It bothers me too, how many earthbound spirits there are and how they may never see happiness ever again.

I agree, as a collective, we need to ‘abandon ship’ so to speak.

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