Where do you buy your journals/grimoires?

Just curious as to where people buy journals to write their BoS or grimoires in. I personally love these ruled Notebooks from Wal-Mart for about seven or eight bucks. They’re not as larger as a good leather bound journal or have as many pages, but their hand-held which makes them easy for traveling and I can draw the sigils of the entity I am working with on them.

So, what do you guys like to write in and where do you get them?


How are they are they any good?

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Mine are customized from empty journals from the local bookshop


Cool stuff, have you drawn these sigils yourself? If so you are really a great artist for sure.

I buy really cheap graphed paper journals, they cost about 25 SEK about: 2.8 dollars. They are functional but they aren’t as pretty as these. What search term do you use to find your journals on Wal-mart? I tried a few but couldn’t find those.


So beautiful!!! :o


I love them omg
Looks like they’re brimming with energy

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I did draw these sigils myself. I used a fine sketch pencil first and then drew over it with the silver marker once I had it looking the way I wanted.

As far as what I use for search terms, you can copy and paste this: “Exceed Ruled Classic Notebook, Black, Medium, 5.0” x 8.25""

I enjoy ruled as opposed to the dotted notebooks because I do mainly writing in my journals. They’re 9.99 online but if you go to your local Wal-Mart they have them for 8 or so dollars. They’re almost as nice as a $20 Moleskine journal. They don’t feel cheap either and I’ve enjoyed them for their size and quality.

I find myself picking one or more up a day and reading through them. I enjoy the energy that comes off of them.

I’m still swearing by Hobby Lobby. They have a whole section of what are meant to be sketchbooks, but that make perfect grimores and really aren’t expensive.

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I will have to check them out. Hobby Lobby is where I usually purchase my black pillar candles!

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