Where do the wives of the demonic kings go after their death?

I was reading on this subject and I am with this doubt, people who marry demonic kings (or other spirits) after death go to their kingdoms and become their queens? If anyone has any clarification about this to share I am very grateful.


I think it’s different for each person just like each relationship and marriage is different. When you die you can be in multiple places so I don’t believe you’re confined to be in one spot even if it is with a King.

I know where I’m going, but I don’t know that it’s the same for everyone. We each have a different purpose.


Would you mind elaborating on where you’re going and how you found out?

There is a thread somewhere with people describing their experiences in hell. I’ve been taken to my “home” by Lucifer many times and a few members here have seen the same place when they read me. I suppose you have to be shown by an entity. For me, Lucifer showed me little bits as I was ready for it.