Can Residents of Hell Communicate with Residents of Heaven?

Alright, so I have a bit of a philosophical question that came to me after reading a reply on another thread by @AradiaX that intrigued me:

So anyways, here are two related philosophical questions:

  1. Does Heaven (in the Christian sense) exist, or is it one of the many lies in Abrahamic religions, with all human spirits actually going to Hell?

  2. If Heaven exists, can human residents of Hell visit those residing in Heaven, or are the two domains entirely, unequivocal separated?

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on this one.


This sort of meshes with my discussion with Glasya Labolas. I know I will have family that is in “ heaven” be it real or a place they created. I will be in “hell” or with Lucifer but we can be or have what we want in either. We are forms of consciousness and aren’t confined to time or space. So there need not be any separation should you desire to communicate with someone you would be able to.


I could offer three perspectives on this -

  1. some believe that when a person dies, the consciousness gets pulled back into the spine, from where it moves to a different dimension. The soul, for sometime, then stands in front of God/ universal consciousness etc ( whatever you call it). If the ego had been purified, it merged with the God form. If not, then it moves towards heaven or hell based on its karmas

  2. some believe that earth itself contains heaven and he’ll, we are born according to our karmas. Example a person who eats meat a lot is born as a prey to make him understand the pain of being eaten. Or a person who loves sex too much is born as a cock so that it realises the futility on having loads of sex.

  3. heaven and hell are based on belief, ie if you believe in them, you go there. It seems afterlife depends upon your beliefs and your after death experiences are based on them. Ie, Christian who firmly believes in heaven and he’ll and has been pious all his life will end up in heaven. Some schools of Hinduism do say the same, they believe the last thought we have when we die determines where we go.

I personally believe there is no after life, we are born again here only to repay our karmas, and till we purify our ego, and turn our mind to universal consciousness during the time of death we will have to be born again and again and suffer.

In religion “Jesus” was able to travel back and forth between “Heaven” and “Hell” so why can’t we do the same as well as communicate.


There are many dimensions and many spiritual places. There are many spiritual places that are in heaven and many that are in hell. But the main difference as I see it is “hell” places are among the places that have a lower vibration. “Heaven” places are higher vibration and we can go higher and higher depending on our vibration. Darker, fixed energies compared to mutable, submissive energies.


curious about this since i am a hellish infernal being and my soul goes directly towards that realm with Azazel and the other demons…i dont view this as the christian hell though more of a safe space (no not like those gay pride signs you see) but its more like a sin city los vegas 24/7 inside a giant cave like dwelling and of course there is Lucifer’s giant mansion and palace…fuck off track but just curious if i could peak around the “heaven” realm that god fearing Christians are going when they die…also curious about working with non fallen demonic angels like Gabriel…


I believe it’s possible but thats my opinion lol. Maybe ask Gabriel if he can let you in.
If it was me I would ask and would peak in God’s temple. I want to see how he looks like. I’m very curious actually.


I have read New Agey RHP books on the afterlife and reincarnation, they make the convincing argument that how spiritually evolved you are (how enlightened, how high your frequency is) effects how high up you can go. And the higher you go the more beautiful the dimension is, apparently. You keep going higher, and everything is lighter and you get too high for thought to exist, and then less and less things exist as well until you get to source.

So according to them we’re like balloons trying to make ourselves lighter, travelling to higher and higher dimensions. And the higher you get the more you know, the more enlightened. I think there are higher dimensions up there you can only get to by making yourself light enough. But higher beings can always visit lower dimensions if they choose to, apparently.


They are not lying, at least not completely, IMO. If the concept of heaven or hell is a metaphor, then it is true and entirely dependent on your actions, ie you create your own heaven or hell in this life. If it is an astral construct that you essentially condemn yourself to then it could be very real. If you want to get into the realms of the fantastic, I suppose it could be a planes that you gravitate towards to in your energetic form based on your vibrations at the time of death. If you want to get really weird, quantum death could potentially land you in a horrific sort of hell or eternal life. To quote Styxhexenhammer666 on this, “Become a living lich.”, lololz. Even in a sense of reincarnation, getting cycled into modern day Venezuela would be a sort of karmic penalty for sure. Or being born into comfort and having an easy life could be considered a kind of heaven, one that very few attain. And then there is everything outside and in between all that bizarre shit we cannot prove or disprove.

Who knows? I honestly do not care enough to let it bug me. Not knowing, I have no basis of comparison in my current existence to really say whether I would even want or not want to be in either place, so how could I have any cause to adjust my actions appropriately?

That would depend entirely on the answer to the first question, really. We don’t even know what heaven is or if it exists, so we really can’t say much about it’s door policies.


Does Heaven (in the Christian sense) exist, or is it one of the many lies in Abrahamic religions, with all human spirits actually going to Hell?

I’m in the “it’s an astral construct” camp - for both heaven and hell. Which means that if it didn’t exist, people would have created it, so yes, it exists. Whether you can join people in exactly the same astral place and all be together, as opposed to being alone with a constructs of your memories of people, I don’t know, I don’t see why not both.
On the other hand, if hell is defined as the lowest density, i.e., lowest vibration of reality you can get, then I think Earth and planets like it are hell. Which also means ‘going to hell’ and ‘reincarnating’ might just be the same thing.

If Heaven exists, can human residents of Hell visit those residing in Heaven, or are the two domains entirely, unequivocal separated?

Yes, as long as they want to be communicated with. There’s no rule that says they have to pick up the phone.


I don’t think so. I think… there must be different directions in terms of density. Like here on Earth our thinking is dependent on a physical brain. The brain doesn’t enable us anymore than it lets us move and physically interact with things. Memories and information can be stored in the brain, but when we leave our bodies we know things. And after we die we become smarter, can see from a higher vantage. So the brain also inhibits us, because we have to work to remember things like past lives.

So in density direction you have the physical as the lowest, and higher in the astral you have more access to knowledge. But then there’s density in the sense of low vibration (boaz) and high vibration (jachin) and both demons and angels can be smart.

Lower spiritual frequency but higher physical frequency, demons would be.

That’s what I mean though. Spiritually and physically there’s nothing lower and nastier than the worst human. The existence of duality here is exactly what makes that possible. Whereas, in other realms where duality isn’t as strong, suffering can’t have the same impact, because you have to have duality for suffering to be judge-able as suffering in the first place. I don’t use the word “demon” this is a loaded insult invented by a religion I don’t follow and I prefer not to validate it’s language. But to borrow the term, baggage and all, humans literally behave as the demons to torture other humans - in the classical sense of hell being where you igo to get tortured anyway. “Hell is other people” is a meme for a reason… Astral pockets of imagination notwithstanding. Obviously there’s more to Earth/dense planets than that, but I stand behind my opinion - it doesn’t get worse than this. Aka, From here, the only way is up,


I’m thinking of hell as a place of collective spiritual low vibration where the beings inhabit it all have collectively low spiritual vibration. I’m not putting a negative context on “hell” or “demon” when I use them this way. Yeah physical dimensions like ours would have to be the densest.

The dead they choose in which World they want to live afterdeath. There are lots of Worlds. It has to do with the vibration of thaught and feeling. Ascended dead can travel lower worlds at wish. Lazy ones have to develop their power of thaugh, destroy their ego to ascend. The most terrible dead persons who suffer after death are the ones of the christians with their Dogma and lots of ego. They are there like thousands screaming and praying vaguely in groups hateing everything what different is. They are so stubborn that they dont want any Ascension.

Exactly that was my belife allso. So it should be easier to start working with demons from hell if the person have low spirit vibration.

If God created both Heaven and Hell I don’t see why ambassadors for Hell can’t speak to ambassadors for Heaven. I mean, you can work with demons and angels together no problem depending on how they view one another

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