Where do see the BALG forum in 10 and then 20 years

Everyone knows my love of what if topics in the General Discussion forum.

So I’ve heard of the ban on political discussions and the introduction of formal rules being applied to this forum after perusing old topics.

However Where do see the BALG forum in 10 and then 20 years?

My comment might be the less savory one but I personally don’t really see myself still here in 10-20 years, but this comes from my view that people shouldn’t cling to online forums nor should online forums stand for such a long time.

So I would say I see it archived and everyone going on their own paths that doesn’t revolve around holding onto a forum as a life line.


Fair enough. That’s certainly interesting. Nothing lasts forever as they say.

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I actually agree with @Velenos. I consider this a temporary stop for most of the real practitioners on here. That being said I know some have been here from the beginning and will stay to the end. I just feel like this forum is too limited for the ones that dive deep and go far- to be useful forever.

Most of the new topics everyday are essentially old topics, are commonly found information if you do enough reading and research. Even the few I’ve started are not really all that insightful. Every now and then I still find a gem in the midst, and I since I know I have much to learn, I come back and weed through the new posts most days. Occasionally I find something I think my opinion is worth adding to a topic, but more often than not I feel our members are wearing rose colored glasses.

I believe the forum will around a while yet, but the active members are always on rotation and I think that will continue for the duration of the forums life, as it always has.


Whatever may happen, I wish all the best for the BALG folks.

Crowley managed to have quite the long and illustrious occult career, and that was in the days before the internet, so I’m sure they’ll figure things out and keep evolving into greater and greater things.


The ban on political discussions has had it’s growth stunted in a way. I used to be here everyday before the new rule set was applied, which is a shame because political discussions on here really could charge up a spell.

We even had left and right oriented people who could discuss respectfully on here with eachother which I haven’t seen happening in any other forums.


Dead. EA Sports and Timothy will be in care homes, and Eva will probably want to do something else at 50 or 60.


Yeah sadly I wasn’t a member before the ban so I missed out on what seemed to be a different time.

Lol. I never realised EA and Tim were that old and as I’m sure @Lady_Eva may agree with an English lady never reveals their age.

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She did reveal her age.

I stand corrected.

Now where is that GIF of Homer Simpson slowly backing into the hedges when you need it

Sorry I kinda derailed my own topic here

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Unless @Sheogorath inherits the site. Then it could have a chance.


This is why the site should be a means of getting a magick group together, not a circle jerk of advertising and sex stories.


Charge up a spell how? Is it the passion and energy derived from politicking?

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Ha… where will the BALG forum be? Probably locked behind a paywall like everything else… or banned entirely. Can’t have people empowering themselves, now.

Maybe it can move to the dark web. :rofl:


Yeah I see people try and get together both online and offline, but then majority I see is people here to learn but they kind of fall into the mentality that without a forum they can’t progress then it becomes almost a sheep mentality. Not just here but most the forums I’ve come across through my years.


There was an interesting post made by a few users about starting forum meetups. It fizzled out, but it would probably address this issue. Meeting with people from the internet is always a risk however, so I understand the reticence.


You never know Tim and EA may ask for their children to inherit.

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Well Tim thinks he’s a woman, so I doubt it. That would be a legacy I would not wish to be a part of quite frankly.

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It’s survived remarkably well - I didn’t expect it to last the 8 years it has.

I view this like a pit stop - newbies come in to be fuelled up whilst the more advanced are fully fuelled eventually drive off into the sunset.

As long as there’s a steady stream of newbies it’ll still be around in 2030. Its’ the most vibrant of any occult forums I’ve come across, you only have to look at he Wizard forums to see how that’s dying a long death. That seems to have turned into a pirated book share site.