Where do I get the basics?

I just stumbled across this website and it ignited a huge lust for power and mastery over something the world calls “forbidden”. Im quite young (18) and quite motivated with a lot of goals so i want to make sure i have a good foundation and know any potential risks before they come back to bite me

Can you guys please recommend any resources (and link them if possible) to get the basics?



Start with the links in this post


I’m 18, as well.
A beginner, as well.

By typing, “The Mystery School” by “mindandmagick” on YouTube, you’ll get what I’m studying, at the moment.
It’s what got me interested into “magick”, and the, so-called, “occult”. And I’m now studying it, in a more detailed way, for the first time. Especially the first videos. In my opinion, the course degenerated, as time flowed. And this is just the opinion of a beginner. But I sense a lot of repetition, as time flowed, and little to no, new information.
It can be argued, in the recent weeks, his video are getting better, but I would say, it’s still no match for the first videos. Again, this is just my opinion based on my basic impressions of it.

Now, I don’t agree with everything he says, but how can we learn if we only listen to the things we agree to?

I know he [F.X] has programs, which should be paid to gain access to. But I can’t recommend, I haven’t tried them, yet.
But the first few videos of “The Mystery School” by “mindandmagick”, satisfy me. It’s nicely packed with information, here and there, and presented in a way, a beginner can easily understand the whole system of thought at it’s most basic level, although some concepts can go other the head of some [and I even believe, some concepts, the uploader himself is confused about, but keep in mind, it’s coming from his own understanding and is still valuable.] That, I can say.

Will it provide mastery over the, so-called, “forbidden arts”?
I doubt it.
But this is where I started, in my own path.

Hope this has been useful, at least.

On a side-note, I will check out the links of Lady_Eva, after I’ve completed the courses by F.X, which I bought, a few months ago.


As well, check out the courses released by BALG.

Start at the bottom, with Mastering Divination, and move your way up the ladder, so to speak.

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There’s some great content here on this forum as well, just use the search feature :slight_smile:

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I saw Mind & Magick mentioned. That channel is great, but it is mostly theory. For technical instruction and a cirriculum, FX works out of Kabbalah, Magick and the Great Work of Self Transformation, by LT Christopher. Good book, btw.

The two things I would really work in to my routine when beginning would be daily meditation and banishing, specifically the LBRP. It is a foundational exercise for sending and receiving and stopping energy, as well as fantastic for developing the spiritual senses and visualization. There is a lot more going on then just banishing, so make sure you get instruction from a credible, complete source. The one here in the forum is mostly accurate for symantics, but I have not really seen anything here going into the finer details of the ritual. The Ritual Magick Manual by David Griffin is the most complete step-by-step I have encountered. Try not to let the sensationalism currently around the author deter you from the book; it is excellent.


I think every beginner should get a book called The Master Works of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne, regardless of path. It was the book that made me a believer of magic(k).


Which course should I start with for someone who’s beginning the LHP ?

@DarkestKnight knows a lot. I also am new to magic and he has told me which sources are the best to learn magical from. Hope this help you, @SupremeAngel.