Where did I go wrong, I need a bit advise

Hi Everyone,

I need some advise.

I wanted a person out of my life (terrorizing my peace in our appartment complex). Started with an enitity that I work with a lot. Azazel.
I got no results, Lucifer, no change. So I read that Agares can help to in these situations.
No change.
I went to NAP rituals, no change at that time. Worked with rituals from Angels and Demon Magick and Angels of Wrath. No change.
Freezing spell (a bit result after 7 days, but still very minor)

Now I could do something with King Paimon (Manipulate a mind), but I’m on the crossroads here.
In many cases i have good results, but am I doing something wrong here? Did I do to much
Maybe I’m impatient and will it happen in a few months.
Maybe I need to learn from this situation.
Maybe I have lost trust in this situation because in my opinion nothing worked (am i blocking myself?).

Now after this year, I’ve seeing some things come together. Out of nowhere I’m in contact with the landlord. This because i’ve talked to a neighbor and she walked towards us.
So I will follow that.
But what’s your opinion, a recast, new spirit Paimon because I want that guy out? Or follow the flow.


Yes, I’ve worked with differents spirits but mostly other goals (destroy defences. exile etc…).
Maybe that’s the thing, focus more on 1 entity…

Btw, It’s a very agressive person so that’s why I’m turning to Magick

Have you talked to Lucy or Azazel to ask what’s going on? What was the timeframe for all of this? Weeks? Months?

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Timeframe was months. I feel spirits and sometimes hear them. I heard distruption/disruptive energy.
Maybe because I had a difficult time highs and lows? Could it be?

Might be a case of using your own magick. Since the binding worked I’d pile on that more. Maybe extend it into a week log repeated working, or try other kinds of binding.

I’d also go ahead and death curse. Most of the time the intent behind that ends up being “remove this person from my life”, because most of us are quite nice people, and they’ll be fine… but they do move away. :smiley:


Yeah, difficult one because it lasted very short, maybe some more patience. I think this character of this guy is agressive, hard to get through.

Good one, I believe something will change and if that really isn’t the case, the last option indeed.

It it still in your freezer? I’d get it out and use the same effigy or jar etc.
Repetition in magick is very helpful for building stronger workings when you need to overcome a barrier, or thier energy is strong enough to self heal as fast as you can hit them. In this case you have to wear them down faster than they recover, or find a way to one shot them.

You could also look up how to remove protections.

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Did that, remove defences. Maybe cast that more often thanks!

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You know what man? That happens to me too sometimes where you throw everything including the kitchen sink at the problem and nothing resolves it. I think you were right to change gears and take a variety of different angles to work at it from. I’d have done the same.

I don’t think your blocking yourself or doing anything wrong per se. I think magick works ( for me anyway) most of the time but sometimes it just doesn’t. What can we do :thinking::thinking::thinking:🤷


Well I do think and this is for everyone that we must let go of control. When we let go of control and let the Magick flow something will change, maybe not as we expect, but there will be result. And mostly when we least expect it. Or we look back and think he that was a sign. That’s one lesson.

You’re right @Mike_Bee . For me there is some result in meeting that landlord and my lesson in focus/trust instead of disruption/fear. In every Magick you have to take action yourself too.

So even if you guys did not realize, thanks to your answers I’m a step further, many thanks for that.

And another lesson for me is to enhance my Magick, I have never used wrath or binding and now I’ve learned because I’ve read those books (people advise me to read on this forum). You grow even more.


@Mulberry Do you have a specific Curse you use? Can you link some info?

My take on this is that the person is probably highly protected by entities stronger than the demons you are calling, and there are many who are stronger

Work with Bhairava is my suggestion, he probably won’t hurt the person, but he will send them away as you request

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If you allow me, I would like to give you my opinion.

For a tough and aggressive target like this I think it would be interesting to change the approach.

Before you cast any spells on this neighbor to change or walk away, I think it’s more correct to bend his spine, break his spirit and make the target’s life miserable in every way possible.

Cast curses, use low spirits, use everything you can and have in your arsenal.
Make the entities work together to reach every aspect of that person’s life.

Financial, love, health, friends… Don’t measure efforts or targets.
Attacking from all sides and depending on how you feel about that person, it can even be a fun process.

Only after that, when he is weak and destroyed, cast a spell to get him away from where he is.

The chances of getting results will certainly be greater with a great chance of success.


De rest I can do, but what would be the best way to make use of low spirits?

Many thanks for the tip!
Depends on the case. Demons where Gods or Fallen Angels, some even of war and destruction, one is an Archangel/Fallen (Luci/Heylel). I know they can whipe this guy easily out, but sometimes they teach you something before there is change. And sometimes you have to initiate things yourself too.
But I like your video of Bhairava making negative times turn positive again.

He is a bully, agressive person. Till this day they seem always in an advantage till the past catch them up.

Which video? The mantra? Om shri kala Bhairavaya Namo?

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I have a bunch of them, andit depends whether I want them to go mad first, have a lot of misfortune first, get sick, or just go away. usually it’s just go away.

These days I do a kind of poppet binding, only their head is dipped in my own concoction I call the Elixir of Annihilation, which was made in a 33 day working under guidance of Azreal. So that probably isn’t helpful unless you want me to write that up somewhere… Its reminiscent of other elixirs like E.A. Koettings Demogorgons Elixir from his baneful magick book, and elixirs made by the Sorceress Cagliastro in her Blood Sorcery books. It’s a lot of work and kinda disgusting and you have to spend about 3 bottles of rich, heavy tannin red wine, buy various spices, use 33 candles and bleed a lot, and it will take up the whole alter for the entire time. Makes about 4oz. :smiley:

There’s also:
A DUME candle
The Ritual Release of Hatred
Asking a spirit like Glasya Labolas, Dra’Talon, Baron Samedi, Samael, Azreal
Send his to the “Dark Gods” (there’s a while list including the above)
Add chaos with spirits like Andras
Try the 4 Djinn that kill from the Path of Smoke


Well I always finetune rituals myself too so I have enough information here. Many thanks for the ideas @Mulberry

I’m now busy with a 7 day ritual with King Paimon. And I work very close with Samael :wink:

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