Where can we find all the YT videos that E.A Koetting had on his channel and Patreon?

Hi to all,
Dose anyone has an ideea where can we find all the free and paid content that E.A Koetting had on his YT channel and his Patreon?

Dose he uses other platforms where we can access them and also suporting him?

I saw that his patreon also got deleted!

Thanks a lot!


EA is currently looking into other platforms, but nothing has been announced yet. Most of his videos have been backed up, but not all of them, unfortunately. Both EA and Timothy are working on it though.


Thanks @DarkestKnight
Great to hear that! I am sure that they will inform us when they will find a suitable solution.

You’re welcome @zerozia If you plan on sticking around, please introduce yourself here and tell us about you and any experience you have in maigck, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, etc. It is a rule of this forum.

ok, I will do that @DarkestKnight ! Thanks

Thanks for informing as I thought his patreon just disappeared or got hacked.

Kindly keep us updated as I need my weekly fix of EA video.

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Great to hear that! Hope it gets sorted real soon, we all miss him a lot!:black_heart:

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Odysee is the new platform where we can find E.A “lost” content from YT & more?
Probably late to the party with this question, but I would like to be sure!

Some of the old content can be found there, yes. Unfortunately, not everything, as some of what was on YouTube wasn’t backed up.

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thank you @DarkestKnight !