Where can I learn how to call and summon spirits?

I am new to magick and I would like to know how to call spirits or if I am being called. Also, I would like to learn how to summon angels. I am a noob at this so any help would be great!



Welcome @Jxsh90

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any type of experience at all in magick or the “paranormal?”


Have you done full introduction yet?

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No, not really. I started reading a couple days ago a book called Konstantinos Summoning Spirits though.


What do you mean by full introduction

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Does anyone have any sources, videos websites that will help me call spirits? I also want to know about supplies that are needed for summoning and things like this.

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This forum has plenty of tutorials and many years of discussions that will help you.

Just be sure to use our search function and come back with any questions you have.


Thank you

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“Calling” spirits is not easy. It requires work on your part. Beginners always want to jump right into it, but always come back running back wondering why they experienced nothing.

Work on developing the skills that are necessary. Konstantinos’ development exercises are top notch, and if you diligently practice them, you’ll be able to summon a spirit and actually be able to communicate with it.


Do you need special tools or no


If you are working the Golden Dawn system as explained in the book, yes.

However, there are magical systems that don’t require as many tools, and if you practice Konstantinos’ exercises, you will develop the skills necessary to make any other system of evocation work for you.

The basics of evocation, no matter which system is used, boil down to:

Preparatory Immersion
Use of a Working system
Psychological Retraction.


@DarkestKnight beat me to it. Like when he asked where you hail from, such as like me I’m in the USA.

He also gave some great references.

I also like watching Eric and the other BALG authors on their YouTube channels. That helped me a lot when learning more.

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@Darkprincess what are their YouTube channels?

I shall do a full introduction now, thx

Read the keys of Solomon

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This is Eric’s


C. Kendall

(He also has Facebook page titled The Infernal Obelisk)

JD Temple

There are many more. Eric as a lot of videos with others on his channel.

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That book, “Summoning spirits” by Konstantinos, is excellent; about videos there are both general and specific ones (the lecture/seminar by EA, an explanation and partial demonstration by VK Jehannum…). For basic contact you may just ‘open’ a spirit’s sigil by looking at it, so this would require only pen and paper; but it’s also possible to put a background music from Youtube: monaural sound or another type. Around this part of sigil gazing you would then develop a working made also, for example, of helpful visualizations and mantras.

I like the lighting visualization for calling on Angels.
it depends really on what type of Angels you’re looking to calling for really.
Call on the Archangel Raziel and ask him to give you knowledge of Magick and of Angels. Be ready to start receiving downloads.
You can also get Damon Brand’s books on it. They are simplified (safe) versions of Angelic rituals. If you’re newbie and you’ve no idea on what you’re doing… get them… practice them… then when you’ve his methods down… move to something new.
(that of course is just a recommendation)

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@SeekerOfTheTruth how should I approach Raziel? What should I say to him first? I had called on Archangel Michael and I’m pretty sure I summoned him. I’m sort of having a bad headache and it is quite an unusual headache. Do you know why this is?

Also, where can I find these Damon Brand Books?