When you Go the LHP

When you Go the LEFT HAND PATH you can Pray also to Gods like Shiva/Rudra or Maha Kali/Shamshan Kali ! Shiva i Unterstand because Demons Pray to him to get Boons, but Maha Kali ??? We know that Maha Kali was Killing Demons ! How you can Pray/Medidate to Godmother Maha Kali and to Demons ? Do you think that the Demons from Indian Mythology like Ravana and Raktabija,Shumba and Nishumbha has nothing to do With Christian Demons ??
What do you think ??

I saw the other day a reasonable argument that equated Shiva and Enki. It was in a yt video, if I find it I’ll post it.

The Hindu tradition predates Christian “demons”, and so do most of the “demons” themselves (many are old Mesopotamian and other civilizations gods, demonised as part of conquering the people). I think few if any of the “demons” are original to Christianity, though a few now are original to modern western occultism as new discoveries.

In short, there’s no such thing as demons really, that’s a word applied by a more recent religion who’s opinion I don’t much care about to entities that have much richer histories.

This means some of the origin stories of what became Hindu Asuras could show they have come from the same ancient roots, the same way Shiva and Enki do. I’d guess some but not all. This is a question for the scholars, really, those who can read the ancient texts in dead languages.


So you think that Enki/Shiva/Lucifer is the same ?

No, Enki is not Lucifer.

Lucifer is a very recent invention/discovery. He is only named in the bible as the Morningstar, which is Venus. He’s one of the entity yhwh’s minions who decided not to be a minion any more.
He’s not Satan either, the bible makes it clear that yhwh is Satan.

However, the Anthroposophist felt that Lucifer /Luciferic energies were “Satan” and Ahriman and Ahrimanic entities “the devil”. (With man in the middle, a triality not a duality) This puts yhwh in the Luciferic category of beings.

I agree with this as I have labeled yhwh as a rogue demon for a long time, no better or different than the other entities (they call themselves gods, elohim, plural of el (hebrew for singular god)). It’s an interesting way of looking at things that for me, explains a lot in terms of behaviours and energies

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The possible contradiction may be overcome through the LHP part of self deification, in that way one is able to address (or not) any entity at his/her leisure. So, realizing some tasks such as an inner splitting in 2 personalities and identifying with the “higher” one, basically God.

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