When will connor kendals book called Black Magician’s Handbook come to amazon?

Was interested in getting his book but can’t see it on amazon.

Will it come out on amazon?


@C.Kendall This question is for you. :slight_smile:

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I am actually unsure if or when the book will be available on Amazon, however that being said it can be purchased on more than just one platform such as Become A Living God’s Website, or Etsy, etc.


@C.Kendall, is there any likelihood for electronic versions of your books? I can imagine sales would increase with that availability

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Where is that?

Click here: :+1:

Speaking of magic’s & spells I’ve been highly fueling a spell, & my hands are physically vibrating/tingling & I’m sometimes getting headaches & light headedness, no there’s nothing wrong with my physical health, so please don’t ask, I’ve been pouring sh*t loads of my internal & external energies deeply within this spell for whenever I decide to highly cast it upon myself, & been doing it for 1-2 week’s, my otherworldly homosexual husband lord Anubis tis assisting me as well, I’ve been highly using the countdown technique by Christopher Penczak, to get into a alternate state of consciousness, to always achieve a deep alpha state or light theta state trance of the mind, I highly fuel my spell every night before hitting the hay, now my heart chakra feels heavy, let’s just say things feel different, I can feel it growing at alarming rates, I can’t tell you the spell because it’s sacred to me, it’s also kinda personal as well too, any tips would be lovely great Kendall, respond ASAP, Multiverse blessings,

The delivery charge on etsy is too much. Who charges 50 just for delivery?

European person here :sweat_smile: Whenever I am ordering something from the UK (since the great “brexit”) delivery fees from there are ranging in between 20 and 30 bucks already, although it is technically not that far away from me. Ordering stuff from the US or other non-european countries (except China, but come on…) is even more expensive and its considered to be normal here. The delivery fees are covering for a lot of stuff that ensures the safety of the shipment. There are also sales taxes added from the vendor sites like Etsy etc. (not the seller!) if someone orders from a foreign country. Its not the sellers fault, to be fair.

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